The Cat’s Out of the Bag

30 11 2010

I don’t generally blog teasers—I hate being teased. But a resident named “KittyCats”—yep, just “KittyCats” under the new naming structure—sent me a note and then tp’d me over to see some new breedable pets. I found her standing in front of me HOLDING the cutest kitten. I looked down and my ankles were caressed by a menagerie of cats and kittens. Just watching them walk around the sim made me laugh—the animations are really clever. I got a gander at these little kitties, and I fell in love. I can’t wait until they come out.

The Cat's Out of the Bag

These kittens are breedable and come in many different iterations. The siamese melted my heart. OK, you know I am not into “twee” but can you possibly look askance at kittens like these? Horses are nice, bunnies are cute, but gosh, a large population of the users in SL have cats in RL. Why not have one .. or two… or a whole houseful in-world? I know there are other breedable cats in-world, but none of them caught my attention. They were either crashy, goofy looking, or just boring.

The Cat's Out of the Bag

If you would like to be a beta tester for the kittens, join the KittyCats Addicts group (check out KittyCats Resident’s profile for a link).

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9 responses

30 11 2010

OMG, I’m going to be so hooked!

30 11 2010
Harper Beresford

They are dangerously cute. And I am not into “cute” but these are charmingly winningly cute.

1 12 2010

Oh no. I think I’m doomed to be the prim cat lady of Second Life.

1 12 2010

Nice cats but too cutesy for my taste. I like the Wildwood brand better though, their texture work is amazing. Too many cats on the grid. I’m sure they will all have their fanbase!

1 12 2010
Nissa Nightfire

well… i have to say these just might push me over into the pet world myself… so adorable

1 12 2010

They are so cute! I wanted to start with wildwood cats but now I will wait for these cuties!

1 12 2010

OMG…. Wow!!!!!!!!! how stunning!!!!!! OK I see why you blogged these Harper. WOW. They look alive! Certainly cute but with that bit of mystery in their eyes!

please keep us updated!!! no, I think I’ll go join their group!

1 12 2010
Harper Beresford

Well once I get my hands on em I AM going to update. ;)

3 02 2011


BUHBYES to my wildwood kitties, i wants theseeeeee :D

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