Let us discuss “love.” I thought a lot about this. I consulted books, I read poetry, I considered philosophy and history and religion, and I thought about whom I love and who loves me.


I came to this conclusion: love, for me or from me, makes me a better person. I realize the people who love me, elevate me and make me elevate myself. It’s in the giving and receiving of love—romantic, motherly, friendship, brotherly–that I work towards being my best self. The positive reinforcement of love, the support it provides, the safety net, the acceptance I receive—it all nourishes me. In return, I can give back the same because I receive it and I can nourish others.


That being said, Valentine’s Day is really for amorous lovers, so I have a few things specifically for lovers here. First of all I show a bed from Froukje Hoorenbeek, who recently decided to spice up her offerings with a few love-making beds. I specifically say “love-making” as opposed to sex because it is evident from the features that Froukje includes, these beds are not for one-night stands. The beds include ample numbers of couple’s sex sets, all very nicely animated (from what I could tell with my one avatar) and all seemingly more geared towards a woman’s taste—lots of women’s pleasure as well as men’s in these poses, all I’m sayin’. The bed also includes lots and lots of cuddles and some solo poses, that you see above. Get one for your new home with your Valentine and make love all night long ;)


Another amorous item for Valentine’s is lingerie and I show one of camilla Yosuke’s newest releases here. With its innocent lace and flower styling, this set would be perfectly innocent except she makes the material sheer, allowing a sexy peekaboo that would race any woman’s lover’s heart. Camilla is all about the details—the lace around the edges, the garter holding a stocking that is pulled up (not straight across), a seam up the back of the stocking. Tell me your Valentine wouldn’t love this!


Finally, I wear Hart Larsson’s newest skin for this shoot, mostly because I didn’t get a chance to show off the beautifully drawn body and sensuous lips. I did not wear one of the eye shadows the sells with the skin this time. There was no need. Hart draws beautiful expressive eyes.

I shot this series of photos in a skybox made by Gin Galtier. Gin is an expert at making small, intimate spaces. This loft, with its high ceilings and ballet bars running down one wall, is a nod to the conversion of industrial spaces into work and living spaces for urban areas. What I don’t show (and should but there is only so much real estate on my blog here) is a beautifully made window looking out into an urban courtyard, giving the entire space the touch of authenticity it needs.


“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” ~ Morrie Schwartz

Hair: >TRUTH< Francesca – auburn by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [PXL] Linda G3 NAT RoseLips DEB by Hart Larsson for [PXL] *

Lingerie: Amy White and Purple Lingerie Outfit by INSOLENCE by camilla Yosuke for Insolence *

Bed: Dutchie adult bed green II by Froukje Hoorenbeek for Dutchie *

Skybox: elefantu – Converted Ballet Studio Skybox Apartment by Gin Galtier for elefantu *

To the Moon

If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out. ~ William Blake

To the Moon

The moon is one of the most beautiful and persistent gifts of living on the Earth. No matter where you go in the world, no matter who you talk to, everyone knows the moon. We all look to it to mark the waning and waxing of time. So it’s no surprise that she used the moon as the core component of this sculptural dress she designed. What makes the dress more interesting is that the moon rotates. The photos don’t show a very delicate framework of crisscrossing silver wires around the moon—it’s gorgeous. So we have Eshi’s flowers, her wispy feathers and now the moon. What’s next?

To the Moon

She includes this gorgeous hair/headpiece combo with the outfit with a smaller version of the moon. I wear the dress with a delicate skin from Brendon Papp, who always adorns my Eshi looks for some reason. I think the otherworldly delicacy of these skins offsets Eshi’s work well. We don’t need a brazen look; we need something much more fragile.

To the Moon

The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon. ~ Jean Ingelow

Skin: !Imabee: Umeko – Underwater / DKbrow / by Brendon Papp for Imabee

Hairbase: AD hair base – black by Queue Marlow for Analog Dog

Outfit (including hair): LUNA by Eshi Otawara by Eshi Otawara for Eshi Otawara

My Darkest Days

“It was then, staring into the shadows, that my eyes first became dark.” –Darkness-enshrouded Shadows, Bitter (Random quote generated by The Goth Quote Random Generator.)

My Darkest Days

I don’t do the dark look very often. I don’t hang out in dark sims (except RFyre, which is actually less dark than one might imagine–Raven is about the most cheerful “Goth” you can ever meet). This gothic Lolita dress from Setsuna Hirano caught my interest, however. I just loved the silhouette, the rich textures and well.. the idea of it. I could feel the stiff crinolines under the skirt, feel the stiff constraint of the heavy brocade fabric, the pinch of the buttons closing the jacket over all the laces underneath.

My Darkest Days

My skin is a new one from sachi Vixen, who is riding the Twilight bandwagon. She sells separately a line of makeups that can overlay the skin, one of which I show here. This pale white skin is perfect for my dark mood. My moody fringed-bangs hair is from Truth Hawks (who knew he could pull off Goth?) and my boots are wonderful bowed standards from LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully.

My Darkest Days

“Why is my soul so exquisite with night? And why do I no longer care?” –Hilda and Prudence Boynton, Master of the Unliving Eyes

Hair: >TRUTH< Adele (Upper) – raven by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Goth-Vampire – Rosalie Crimson with Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Claw by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Dress: EXiA Doll style Jacket dress Black by Setsuna Hirano for EXiA

Boots: .*Courtisane*. La Vivien /Blacks by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for .*Courtisane*. *


Thomas Hobbes has an interesting, brutish argument about rights: we have no rights except that the Authority or the State give us. “Inalienable” rights don’t exist. In SL that’s totally true (unlike in RL where rights ARE inalienable—go Egypt!) You simply can’t do stuff unless the client/server/LL let you. You’re simply not going to rez if the client ain’t havin’ it. You’re not logging in if LL shuts down the servers, period. And you’re not moving my prims unless I give you the right to.

What amazes me as I scroll down my list is how many people have given me the right to mess with their stuff, a function of the structure of SL. Raven has, of course. But also a famous builder in SL, a few shop owners, and some nice friends. I could literally blow away someone’s sim with these powers—but I don’t. Why? Well, first, they also have rights over my things and could return the favor. But that’s not a deterrent really. There is trust there—and respect. I respect the work they have done immensely and would NEVER touch it. In fact, I work especially carefully when I know I am around prims belonging to someone who has given me edit rights. They gave me the rights, but I handle those rights with respect. It’s a mutual set of responsibilities, a careful balance that seems to work 99.9% of the time across SL.


Enough of my ruminating (and there was more to come.. I erased several paragraphs). One thing that is important we have been given is the right to dress up our avatars. (And remember, what LL gives you as “rights,” like attachment points, layers, etc., is purely a function of what is in their best interest economically.) I wear this shorty short, drop-shoulder sweater from Hina Cheri over cute striped tights from Fae Erickson. This seems a good outfit for the season—a little push for spring without being too cold, cinched with a handsomely stylish belt from sachi Vixen. I will concede the sweater has some difficulties—the prim had to be adjusted several times, the sides wrap around oddly on the leg. Nevertheless it’s a cute fashion statement.


I have me some cute boots from Pixieplumb Flanagan, who offers stylish footwear at an affordable price. She has given me the right to change colors on these lovelies with a mere click of the sock or boot. Mirja Mills does the same with the hat and scarf of this lovely new release from her. I love her natural hair color!

The biggest right I received today was the right to show you Hart Larsson’s newest release, Linda. As per his other skins, this is a hand-drawn piece of work with sensual detailing and Hart’s own aesthetic preference for a woman with more defined and sophisticated features. I have put the cat eyes on over the regular makeup. Hart ingeniously decided to offer a base skin with lip colors and then eye shadows that can be worn on the tattoo layer (unlike many who offer lip choices for eyes on makeup). I am  not sure which I prefer—having eyes or lips separate.


Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight. ~ Bob Marley

Hair with Scarf: .:EMO-tions:. * NELE * /naturals with NELE shawl by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:. *

Skin: [PXL] Linda G3 TAN WineLips LEB with [PXL] Linda G3 TAN Cat Eyes (tattoo 2.x) by Hart Larsson for [PXL] *

Sweater: “:::BaLaC:::”Kinit one-piace WHITE by Hina Cheri for “:::BaLaC:::”

Belt: Adam n Eve Sculpts – San Belt Charcoal by sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla for Adam n Eve

Leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* Woolen Tights – Pink Stripes by Fae Eriksen for *Fishy Strawberry*

Boots: BM Shannen Boots – Browns by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey *


Just around the corner in every woman’s mind – is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her.  ~Wilhela Cushman


When I first got to SL, I didn’t quite get the whole point of weddings in SL. I got partnership (mostly but that’s a whole other story, considering my partner is a friend only), I understood ball gowns, but the whole wedding thing I didn’t quite grasp. When I thought about it, though, there is something truly fantasy-based about weddings too, and if in your real life you were unable to have the big blow-out, huge-dress, 10 attendants, bridezilla, ice-sculpture wedding you always wanted, you can have it here (and it doesn’t cost quite as much).

Monica Outlander has tapped into that spirit with a set of bridal dresses she recently released. Taking her beautiful design expertise from her gorgeous evening gowns and applying it to bridal gowns was a no-brainer and she offers a line that has something for everyone. I chose this dress because of its traditional full-blown silhouette—the huge skirt, the draped fabrics around the waist, the enormous headpiece—it’s wedding theater at its finest.


I wear a fresh skin from Tuli Asturias with another lip gloss from Mocksoup Graves. I am really enjoying playing with these lip and eyeshadow colors from Mocksoup. How else could I make myself look more like myself than by adding the lip color I like that is not a Tuli color so I look just a wee bit different from other Tuli girls.

My necklace was made by Alienbear Gupte and was her contribution for the RFL Clothing Fair. If you look closely at it, you can be appropriately blown away by the intricacy of the design and the beauty of the textures. Alienbear is one of SL’s premier jewelers.

Alienbear will be participating in this year’s Fashion for Life as a VIP Sponsor. You will be hearing more and more from me in this blog about that event, which I am running. Lots is going on behind the scenes, all of it absolutely amazing. We have had unbelievable generosity from incredible designers like Alienbear who have chosen to up their sponsorship for this event so that more money goes directly to the American Cancer Society. Soon I will start cross blogging for that event with the Fashion for Life website so you can hear more about all these amazing designers.


“Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.”  ~Henry David Thoreau, Walden (Yeah, only a bachelor who lives in the woods would say that.)

Hair: >TRUTH< Tina – blood by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [:T:] Eva / sunkissed / br :: 01 Bare by Tuli Asturias for Tuli

Makeup: M.O.C.K Cosmetics Tall Poppy Lip Gel (Lipcolor only) by Mocksoup Graves for *M.O.C.K cosmetics* *

Dress: Miamai Wedding Collection_Arielle by monica Outlander for Miamai *

Necklace: Sakura Heart Necklace RFL10 special by Alienbear Gupte for Alienbear Designs


“I was about half in love with her by the time we sat down. That’s the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty… you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are.” ~ JD Salinger


Today I had the distinct honor of speaking to Kaseido Quandry’s class regarding virtuality, my virtual being, etc. After the formal end of the class, I changed over to my piggy avatar and plunked myself down next to one of the students in the class. I flirted with him as Piggy, asking him if he liked girls with “a little ham on their hocks.” The class told me he turned a beet red in class in embarrassment. I had to giggle. I think he was a wee bit infatuated with Piggy. (He was also a good sport.)

Maybe it wasn’t Piggy but how Harper looked before I changed. I wore this cutesexy dress from Mika Nieuport with its color change belt and luscious rich knit textures with her great tights and some sportysexy boots from Gospel Voom to the class (because Kaseido pays close attention to what I wear, I learned). The earthy palette matched my earthy approach to things, I suspect.


A glowing Tuli Asturias skin was touched up with a little magic from Mocksoup Graves, who offers useful and subtle makeups to slightly alter your look in SL. I like that the lips overlay Tuli’s skin without remaking it, the eyeshadows (as I show here) fit perfectly. I accessorized with this gorgeous jewelry from Lynaja Bade. And my long luscious locks are a new offering from Truth Hawks, who injects every one of his hair styles with a bit of sexy.


Down to earth:

Hair: >TRUTH< Bea 2 – chestnut by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [:T:] Eva / sunkissed / br :: 01 Bare by Tuli Asturias for Tuli

Makeup: M.O.C.K. Makeup Silver Fog 2 (Eyeshadow only) by Mocksoup Graves for *M.O.C.K cosmetics* *

Dress: MIEL LIA DRESS – pancho by Mika Nieuport for Miel

Tights: MIEL LIA SOCKS – sock layer – cream 2 by Mika Nieuport for Miel



Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot – Brown by Gospel Voom for Gos *


“Is not the most erotic portion of a body where the garment gapes? In perversion (which is the realm of textual pleasure) there are no ‘erogenous zones’ (a foolish expression, besides); it is intermittence, as psychoanalysis has so rightly stated, which is erotic: the intermittence of skin flashing between two articles of clothing (trousers and sweater), between two edges (the open-necked shirt, the glove and the sleeve); it is this flash itself which seduces, or rather: the staging of an appearance-as-disappearance. ” — Roland Barthes


LeeZu Baxter announced the release of her new line of BDSM wear this weekend. Having seen all of it, I would count it more as BDSM influenced than straight kinkwear. And I would also rate it as 100 times better than the average sex wear on the grid. Take, for example, this very couture outfit which replicates the image of latex or perhaps wax dripping down the body. What LeeZu gives us is something erotic but not so prurient that it bores us or puts us off. It is visually exciting in and of itself. She doesn’t reveal all the typical sexual areas (tits and ass)–she embraces the whole body as a sexual organism and symbol.

LeeZu goes beyond the standard latex (which anyone can do by just doing a lot of dodging) by adding dangerously whiskery prims off the gloves and legs and arranging beads like drops of latex around the arm and neck. And she punctuates it with a flared flexi latex cuff. This is not so much an outfit as latex poured and hardened on the skin and on the curves of the female body—an artistic representation of a sexual, sensual fantasy.


I am wearing a dramatic updo from Mirja Mills who has, lately, been putting out some stunning curly styles. I am totally into this hair from its almost frizzy curls to its beautiful tendrils dripping out one side. I opted to wear a skin from Nena Janus to make the sexuality of this look more evident—I find Nena’s skins almost sensual in their details. Huge ass earrings from Linka Demina and unbelievably high stilettos from Tesla Miles complete the look.


The artist’s experience lies so unbelievably close to the sexual, to its pain and its pleasure, that the two phenomena are really just different forms of one and the same longing and bliss. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * FAME I * / black by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:. *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Plum- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Outfit: [LeeZu!] BDSM Liquid Latex /black by LeeZu Baxter for [LeeZu!]

Earrings: [ glow ] studio Bitterness Earrings TDRblue by Linka Demina for [ glow ]

Shoes: – TESLA – *Vixen_Desire* black’ by Tesla Miles for Tesla

The The Impotence of Proofreading

Inspired by “The Impotence of Proofreading” by Taylor Mali. (Watch BEFORE reading.)

The The Impotence of Proofreading

When disgusting fascism, it’s impotence always to disgust the the prims. Consider the ship and dolor, the artist’s contempt, the amount of blow. For example, in this outrage from Lalu Bonetto, we see a cut paisley dross with a shot skirt that executed cleverly. The socks from Apatia Hammerer have a spurt of alternator hedge that matches the dross. My cut cowboy butts from Emma Gilmour puncture this prefect outrage.

My shin is from milok Hermit, who offs a selection of flesh and lowly skins with a unique book. My chair is by chiaki Xue, who has been trilling me with her bork lately. I lope how the chair churls around my nack and oars.

The The Impotence of Proofreading

(I have to tell you it was hard to write like this.)

The translation is as follows: “When discussing fashion, it’s important always to discuss the prims. Consider the shape and color, the artist’s intent, the amount of glow. For example, in this outfit from Lalu Bonetto, we see a cute paisley dress with a short skirt that is executed cleverly. The socks from Apatia Hammerer have a sort of alternative edge that matches the dress. My cute cowboy boots from Emma Gilmour punctuate this perfect outfit.

“My skin is from milok Hermit, who offers a selection of fresh and lovely skins with a unique look. My hair is from chiaki Xue, who has been thrilling me with her work lately. I love how the hair curls around my neck and ears.”

The The Impotence of Proofreading

Thanks for reading my excrement blog!

Hair: **Dura-Emo**03(Strawberry) by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. JOSEPHINE_5 by milok Hermit for .::Mother Goose’s::.

Dress: GATO- Rosario Dress by Lalu Bonetto for GATO

Socks: Pig – Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Antrim S by Apatia Hammerer for Pig

Glasses: DECO – Soviet Sleeper Glasses Pink by Orchid Zenovka for DECO

Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Olea Boots – Worn by Emma Gilmour for Surf Couture

Oo! I got an award!

The Words Left Unsaid

One of the oddest issues of SL that a new person has to wrap their head around is the timing and meaning of IMs. When you call someone on the phone or speak to someone and they don’t respond, you have a set of reasonable interpretations of what this silence means. But when you IM and get no response, what does it mean?

The Words Left Unsaid

In this new technological age, we have had to rewire our brains to understand a non-response is sometimes something different than we think. If you IM me and I don’t respond, it could be anything. I try really hard to put my busy response on (“Yes, I heard you.. yeah I totally agree.. uh huh.. How dare he?”) but sometimes I have to go afk or I am in another window for what I was thought a brief time. Or sometimes SL puts your IM in my email (grrrr).

Sometimes I am positioning a photo.. or two… or three. For example, for this blog, I spent the entire time chatting with Syngen Sohmers about how people drive in Egypt. While I was admiring the cleverly done vest prim and the excellent textures from this outfit by Sandie Saenz, Sygnen was denying any chaos on Egyptian roads. As I adjusted my belt (only slightly), she was explaining how Egyptians are simply efficient by fitting more cars on the road. My laugh was delayed but she understood.

The Words Left Unsaid

I am especially unreachable when I am zooming in for a close up. It’s really not hard to take a beautiful photo of Nena Janus’ skin, but it still needs concentration. While my beautiful hair from Queue Marlowe (a beauty herself) falls around my shoulders, I want to make sure everything is in place, and at that moment I might not be able to “lol.”

The Words Left Unsaid

Sometimes I just can’t respond to an IM because I am in awe. Gospel Voom’s new boots put me in that state of speechlessness. Between their sleek look and their versatility, these boots are a godsend for fashionistas across the grid. Two days ago I showed the chunky heel on the white boot. Today I show the stiletto. Available in a wide variety of colors, Gospel gives you all sorts of great options, like being able to switch the scripts to lagfree, being able to make full bright (for whatever reason), changing the hardware on the boots, etc. And frankly, they are sexy as heck. So now you know why your IM was met with silence. I was staring at these boots in wonder.

The Words Left Unsaid

“I can’t come to the IM window right now so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Hair: lyra black with AD hair base – black by Queue Marlowe  for Analog Dog *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Grape- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Outfit: Mix & Match Winter Vest Outfit by Sandie Saenz for FA Creations

Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot Black by Gospel Voom for Gos *