Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice

Yesterday I met a friend for lemon ice, a friend from SL who I had never met face-to-face before. I knew about his family, his boat, his car, his politics (*sigh*) and because we live close enough, he promised once to treat me to lemon ice. It was a dare as much as an invitation. I, being brash as I am, insisted on a glass of wine. (“After all, I bought you your first shoes.” I did. Kalnins. He loved them.) He brought me a bottle of sweet German wine. We have made a friendship. He has given me good words, wise counsel and kind appraisals. That old phrase to remember that there is a real person behind the avatar could never be more true. He is genuine. So this is dedicated to him.

Lemon Ice

What is being dedicated? Well this beautiful look, courtesy of Quennye Quinnell. See I met him when I went out dancing and he had a fiercely newbie look but a cool name. So I danced with him, found out he was a genuine gentleman who desperately needed good footwear. This dress many have been like what I wore. With its beautiful lace prims and sexy system pieces, it’s demure and alluring all at once. I like how Quennye mixed the lace with the satin on the gown. And this dress is for dancing. It moves with grace, swirling around your legs.

Lemon Ice

I pair it with a lovely pale skin from Helyanwe Vindaloo that I have shown before. It’s truly a “blonde” skin with its pale features. The eyeliner dresses up the skin for going out. My hair is one of Kavar Cleanslate’s newest—an updo but this time not in my usual Chardonnay. (Will miracles ever cease?) And I wear a vintage bracelet from Tigerlily Koi, who truly is one of the nicest ladies on the grid.

Lemon Ice

“Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it’s yours.” ~ Ayn Rand

Hair: ::Exile:: Rae:Stefani by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: .ploom. Maia_Cream – BL – Eyeliner 4 by Helyanwe Vindaloo for ploom

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Steel Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: QQ Fashion –  Gail – Sky Blue **** by Quennye Quinnell by QQ Fashion *

Bracelet: Calla Ivory Pearl Bracelet by Tigerlily Koi for Calla

Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -silver- by Cerberus Noel for G Field

Plum Pretty

Plum Pretty

What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree? ~ Logan P. Smith

Plum Pretty

Nothing as summery and delicious as a round ripe plum and it’s a wonderful color for mid summer prettiness. Aradhana Voight knows that for sure with her cute little dress being offered at the Dressing Room. With its floral plum print, almost swimsuit like back and frilly skirt, it’s a flirty little dress for playing in the summer. I styled it with pretty jewelry from Mouse Mimistrobell that has an almost antique feel. Sexy prim toe slip-ons from Siddean Munro give me a boost and a little sexiness.

Plum Pretty

My skin is aida Ewing’s newest, and I am absolutely charmed by it. It has more detail and realism than past skins with its freckles and more textured skin. I love this make-up combo. I think that is aida’s biggest asset—the makeups she makes. And her eyebrows are pretty awesome. One of Truth’s new hairs tops my head with a color change bow. And my eyes are a fantastic color from Ikon Innovia.

Plum Pretty

Shake it! ;)

Hair: >TRUTH< Juliette – mocha by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: -Glam Affair- JadisV2 MedTan – D HB 11 by aida Ewing for –Glam Affair- *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Rose (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: :Mashooka: Mirna dress {for TDR} by Aradhana Voight for Mashooka, available at the Dressing Room *

Necklace and earrings: Dark Mouse Vintage Troll Necklace – Silver (Chest) and Dark Mouse Vintage Troll Earrings – Silver by Mouse Mimistrobell for Dark Mouse *

Ring: Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Brilliance (Left) by Mouse Mimistrobell for Dark Mouse *

Shoes: Slink Destiny Heels Plum by Siddean Munro for SLink *


Boxed In

Boxed In

What do you do when you decide to only include content from one event? You get yourself boxed in. As when I was blogging Fashion for Life (wherein I spent *weeks* only showing the content produced by participants), I have decided to do one blog showing an avatar created solely from content from the second Platinum hunt, which you would think wouldn’t be that hard but turned out to be a bit challenging (due to the variety of styles and the availability of different elements–I am literally covered in boxes of goodies!). Despite that, I was able to assemble a mighty awesome look.

Boxed In

Start with this sexy sophisticated outfit from Jamie Holmer. With its cute little gray wool skirt and black belt, choice of white or black tops (both included!) and sheer dark tights, it’s a complete outfit for the sexy sophisticate. At a mere 10L, it’s a STEAL for the work of one of SL’s best ensemble creators. Then you have the jewelry from the likes of Donna Flora and Zaara Kohime. I realize I am mixing metals here, but I couldn’t decide which to show, so I showed both. How can you beat paying 10L each for some of the best jewelry in SL?

Boxed In

A hair with color change band from one of SL’s most august hair makers, Elikapeka Tiramisu, has to be worth more than the mere 10L being charged. Add to that this gorgeous skin from AtomicSparkle Skytower (who has folded all her creations under the umbrella brand—Verve), and you have a pretty hot look. Apply eyeshadow from Lindsay Rozen to add a little sparkle and color.

Boxed In

Finally, find some incredible fierce shoes from Nardya Rousselot. Check out those spikes! Nardya has played it safe by borrowing the idea of a colored sole from Christian Laboutin without having to be taken to court in doing so, as Yves Saint Laurent was. The shape of this shoe is simply hot! (And only 10L! Eee!)

Boxed In

I boxed myself in with a pose box from Claire Dallin, also available in the second Platinum Hunt, going on now til August 31. Look for a little box that resembles a Tiffany’s box. You’ll find beautiful things inside ;)

Hair: [e] Parade – Black 07 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for [elikatira] *

Skin: *VERVE* SKIN-INA-Sunblush-FALL by AtomicSparkle Skytower for Verve *

Makeup: ROZENA ~Platina eyeshadow~ grey by Lindsay Rozen for ROZENA *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Grey (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Outfit: INDI Designs – Misha (Platinum Hunt) by Jamie Holmer for INDI Designs *

Earrings: Zaara : Anjami earrings (Platinum Hunt) by Zaara Kohime for Zaara

Necklace: BARBARELLA necklace by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Iceli Spiked Stiletto Black by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

Pose box: *BOOM* Platinum Model by Claire Dallin for *BOOM* *

La Côte d’Azur

The Riviera

[The French Riviera is] a sunny place for shady people. ~ W. Somerset Maugham

The Riviera

Ah, the breeze, the air, the glamour—the French Riviera is where I wish I could go for August. I can only pretend in SL. But it’s not pretend that I am wearing a RL fashion designer’s work when I don this dress from Meiling Couturier. Based on the designs of the real life fashion house, Meiling Inc, the collection in SL is very fashion forward and beautiful. Of course other RL fashion designers have been in SL—most notably Shenlei Flesheart and Nyla Cheeky—but Meiling is from Trinidad and Tobago—a whole different fashion market, and she brings with her the experience for catering to the wealthy clientele that visit the Carribean islands where her boutique is located. (Meiling is also, incidentally, the mentor to one of this season’s Project Runway contestants, Anya Ayoung-Chee, who we find out in the first episode has a great design eye but few skills in sewing. She pulls it off anyway.)

I show the Perla dress, a piece perfectly geared to her clientele with its almost casually open back but tailored classic collar and long flowing skirt. Its elegance reflects its wearer—classic in cut and style, it shows off the tan you may have gotten sunbathing on the yacht with its revealing back. The dip-dyed hem is a perfect accent for the gown, perhaps suggesting a hem wet from strolling in the sand. I absolutely love the elegance and classic styling of this gown—a defiite departure from the fantasy gowns of SL.

My shoes are a couture design from rei2 Aya, and being sold at the new little shopping event called “Collabor88” wherein everything offered is priced at a very steep discount for its quality, proving an opportunity for people to get an exclusive piece of couture at a steal. What should we call these campaigns? Events? Sales? Trunk shows?

The Riviera

I show it with a sunkissed skin from Alexandra Barcelos, one of the offerings for the second Platinum Hunt. I am not always keen on hunts—I don’t think designers are obligated to constantly make content for free for our amusement. The time we spend hunting for their items it is not enough payback for them. However, this hunt was organized to allow the designers to receive a token 10L in exchange for offering an item they might sell for 400L or more. It’s WELL worth the 10L spent for each of the items offered, many more of which I will be showing. The designers participating are some of SL’s best. I am glad this time around now the hunt is also freed from its campaign of “awareness,” which had good intentions but very poor execution. I hope this hunt gets you back in these designers’ stores and seeing their great work and spending a little beyond the 10L.

My hair is a beautiful updo from Elikapeka Tiramisu, who has captured the idea of a cool breeze running through a casually piled updo. My jewelry is from Danielle Astonia and without shadow on, shows without a shine. I wonder what the deal is with shiny things not showing as such when shadow is on? It’s very aggravating.

The Riviera

You’ll find me dining in Saint-Tropez or gambling in Monte Carlo, on the arm of a handsome Italian millionaire ;)

Hair: [e] Away – Red 08 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for [Elikatira]

Skin: Platinum – Filthy Skin by Alexandra Barcelos for Filthy Skin, available on the Platinum Hunt

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Absinthe (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: M – La Perla Gown Boxed by Meiling Couturier for Meiling

Jewelry: *La Forgia Jewels – Mia Set*-Amber by Danielle Astonia for La Forgia

Nails: [MANDALA]Option short Nails set/Basic skin nails by Kikunosuke Eel for [MANDALA]

Shoes: R2 “mana”nude by rei2 Aya for R2, available at COLLABOR88

Puppet on a String

Puppet on a String

I realize my job as a SL fashion blogger is to show beauty but I wanted to do something different for once. When someone asked me why I like SL, one of my many reasons is that “I like to dress my dolly.” I came to realize that my Harper dolly is my little puppet, so I dressed her accordingly.

Puppet on a String

I start with this amazing and imaginative outfit from moonbubble Gothly. With its handdrawn laced corset top and whimsical hoop skirt with star and bead ornaments on it. She includes the lace-up stockings. It’s amazing creativity at a very reasonable cost. Moonbubble also offers other pieces that are less “fantastic” at her store—an amazing leather jacket, tanks, skirts, boots, etc.—all hand drawn with this kind of creativity and detail.

Puppet on a String

Whimsicle pigtails from MissAllSunday Lemon with color changing hair bands and pompoms top our little marionette over an amazing doll skin I found on Marketplace from Xyr Avril. Her store is like many—she has tried a little of this and a little of that, all yielding some interesting pieces at very low prices.

Puppet on a String

We are no longer puppets being manipulated by outside powerful forces: we become the powerful force ourselves. ~ Leo Buscaglia

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Pompon Hair – Hair Band/Pompon – Orchid by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills *

Skin: [XYR] Veronica Doll Skin – Joints – makeup by Xyr Avril for XYR

Shape: by me

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Eggplant (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: [ bubble ] Star Raider Outfit by moonbubble Gothyl for [ bubble ] *

Ribbon: *C:K* Neck Ribbon by Ameshin Yossarian for Curious Kitties

Shoes: *GF* Square-toe Shoes “Sophie” -grape- by Cerberus Noel for G Field

Ties: Marionette Doll Puppet Strings by Anara Aeon for Anana Mainstore

Poses: Broken Puppet by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose



One of the rarest and most expensive elements on earth, Rhenium is a beautiful silvery white. Our lady today is named “Rhen,” after this element.


Our beautiful rare element is named so because of this gorgeous silvery white dress from Nicky Ree. With its shimmering bodice (how does she do that on a system piece?) and full skirt, this is a piece that includes several skirt options, but I show the most interesting of the set—this skirt with a breakaway hem.


I am showing a new shape from Sophia Rossen with a skin from Marisa Feila and the two made a perfect superalloy, as it were. (Still on this Rhenium thing.. just bear with me. I have to beat this metaphor to death.). I was amazed how Marisa’s skin looked so glamorous on Sophia’s shape—they were meant to be together. My hair is an updo from Mirja Mills, a tangled curly updo with a dramatic twist. My pretty necklace and earrings are from Danielle Astonia and complete the look handily—they compliment rather than compete with the dress, which is ideal.


With one of the highest melting points, Rhen is a girl who will be hard to soften, but she’s worth it ;)

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * FAME I * / black by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:.*

Hairbase: AD hair base – black by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog

Skin: [MyDear]Natalie Skin– Tan #4 by Marisa Feila for [MyDear] *

Shape: Sophistishapes – ALISON bodyshape by Sophia Rossen for Sophistishapes *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: *DNR* Butterfly Gown & Dress Set Black by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree *

Jewelry: *Paola Necklace ONYX/SILVER*  and *Paola Hoop Earrings ONYX/SILVER* by Danielle Astonia for La Forgia *

Shoes: Maitreya Verve Pumps – Black by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

P.S. Thanks, T!

Amelia, the Barista


Every Tuesday and Thursday morning I meet with my fellow knitters so we can help each other out, check on each other’s progress, and ignore our knitting while we chat. We have been gathering, lately, at a local coffee shop where the baristas have come to know us. One of the young ladies working there is Amelia.


Amelia’s rather beautiful in the way young women are always beautiful. She still has a great figure, her skin is flawless, except for the tattoo from Leti Hax on her back (that she told me her mom was “not too happy about it”), her style is casual and perfect. Amelia chose to wear a crocheted tank today over a black bra she got from Christel Morane and bleached out skinny jeans from Monica Outlander. She loves accessorizing so her arms always jingle with bangles, these from Gort Grot, and rings on as many fingers as she can wear, which makes this ring and nail set from Chrome Runner convenient. She slings an easy belt around her waist, color changed to black to match, from yano Hyun.


Amelia always looks fresh—never tired. She told me the trick to that was not drinking the product, which would keep her up for two days straight. She claims she breathes in enough of the roasted coffee smell to keep her awake sufficiently all day. Marisa Feila provides her fresh makeup. Her dyed-black casual updo with tendrils escaping, secured by a clip in the back, comes courtesy of chiaki Xue. It suits her. She is easy-going but efficient, moving among the contraptions of the coffeeshop with ease. I’m not sure how she ended up working there or how much longer she will. She just finished a Masters in Public Health but the job market being what it is, she is simply glad to have this job.


She rather likes her boots, which she got at Lapointe and Bastchild for a steal. She loves the buckles and laces and the sexy high heel. Makes her feel more grown up. Even though they are high heels, she manages to run around the coffeeshop all day without trouble. Someone older probably couldn’t handle it.


I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. ~ T. S. Eliot

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*19(Black)resize by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: [MyDear]Heidi Skin II– Sunkiss #1 by Marisa Feila for [MyDear] *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Top: Models/Bloggers – D-Style – SupahDupah Top and Black Bra by Christel Morane for Delirium Style *

Jeans: Miamai_Juka Black Leggings Low by monica Outlander for Miamai *

Nails: [:S&V:] Egyptian Rings & Nails – Silver by Chrome Runner for Sin & Virtue

Earrings: erratic / hoop earrings / silver (large) by Erratic Rain for erratic

Belt: [BUKKA]leather chain belt  ::all color select:: pelvis by yano Hyun for  [BUKKA]

Bangles: :: Knock! :: Abell :: Bangle A/left (wearme) by Gort Grot for Knock!

Armband: *~*Cord Armband Rt: Small/Transfer by Siyu Suen for Illusions

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo UB910 1 by Leti Hax for Letis Tattoos

Boots: .:L&B:. “Elise” Ankle Boot Set: BLACK by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus for Lapointe and Bastchild *

The Cellist

The Cellist

The cello is like a beautiful woman who has not grown older, but younger with time, more slender, more supple, more graceful. ~ Pablo Casals

The Cellist

She lugged it around from fourth grade on—that huge cello case, her constant companion, her accessory, her third leg. Her mother asked if she might think of going back to violin, but she wouldn’t. It was like singing with a voice that was not her own. She loved leaning into it, gripping it between her legs, pressing into it, drawing music from it. She loved the feeling of the strings resonating through the body and into her body. It was a part of her.

The Cellist

Her whole life was centered around that cello. Her parents had to get a bigger car, she got a sore on her shoulder from lugging it around, she always had something in her bow hand, twiddling and moving. She did daily exercises to stretch the fingers on her small hands. She was destined to be a dowdy geek girl the rest of her life except she grew up.

She went to Oberlin Conservatory. She moved to New York, joined several chamber orchestras, dabbled in this and that. She was a tall beauty with thick black glossy hair and a confident manner. She was known as the most fashionable of musicians—always showing up in something sleek and sophisticated, and always pants—because of the cello. She gave any ensemble she was in a bit of sex appeal. But she eschewed relationships—with men OR women. She was never interested.

For a recent concert, she opted for this ensemble from Angelina Eizenberg, a boutique piece she couldn’t wait to wear. With its dramatic handkerchief hem and roses on the hip, she was thrilled to be wearing it, especially as she had gotten new shoes from Siddean Munro—sexy slip on platforms. She zipped the top in back, slipped on her shoes (admiring her newly painted red toenails), and combed her Lamb Bellic bob into place.

The Cellist

Running late as usual, she called for a car service to take her to the concert. Her makeup was a new palette from Mimi Coral, and she slicked on the glossy red lipstick with satisfaction, pressing her lips together, admiring her blue eyes from Ikon Innovia. The phone rang and the car was here. She slipped on a ring from Cora Lu, threw the strap of her cello case over her shoulder, and ran to the elevator.

The Cellist

She took her cello with her—her partner and lover. It’s all she needed.

Hair: !lamb. Bang Bang – Ink by Lamb Bellic for !lamb.

Skin: *Cupcakes/Charm/Almond/Black Brows/Dolled with *Cupcakes/Charm/Almond-Neon-Red by Mimi Coral for Cupcakes *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Outfit: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Silk Pantsuit {Black} by Angelina Eizenberg for ~*INDIE ROSE*~ *

Ring: P.C; Black Pearl Ring by Cora Lu for Paper Couture

Shoes: Slink Destiny Heels Black by Siddean Munro for SLink *

Cello: *AP* Classic Cello version 3.0 by Romeu Tomsen for Angelpocalypse Creations

Suicide Blonde

Suicide Blonde

She was what we used to call a suicide blonde – dyed by her own hand. ~ Saul Bellow

Suicide Blonde

Blondes—they pack a lot more punch than you think, especially suicide blondes, who don’t come by their coloring naturally. This blonde has been out to a party in a beautiful dress from Sascha Frangilli. I love this dress with its glittering overlay, the wrapped waist and the beautiful teal color shot through the fabric. It comes with an assortment of skirts and a bolero jacket as all Sascha’s dresses do. It’s rich and beautiful—one of Sascha’s finest new pieces.

I wear it with a new set of jewelry from Belle Roussel. The earrings and bracelet are fantastic pieces–especially the earrings, which have a unique shape and coloring. The necklace is a beautiful piece as well and is a casual beaded choker that would suit a less formal outfit.

Suicide Blonde

I am wearing Mallory Cowen’s newest skin and while she shows it with an innocent look in her ads, I chose something more devastatingly sexy by putting on Mallory’s eyeliner and wearing this absolutely drop-dead provocative hair from Neveah Niu, which is not out yet but will be by the end of this week. (Sorry, I HAD to wear it.)

Suicide Blonde

Suicide blonde
Was the colour of her hair
Like a cheap distraction
For a new affair
She knew it would finish
Before it began

~ “Suicide Blonde” by INXS

Hair: ICONIC -Tinka-Blonde-XClusiveOnly by Neveah Niu for ICONIC * (not yet released)

Skin: LAQ ~ Alva [Peach 02] with LAQ ~ Eye makeup 01a by Mallory Cowen for LAQ

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: SAS – Luna Aqua by Sascha Frangilli for Sascha’s Designs *

Earrings and bracelet: Moon in Sagittarius Earrings and Moon in Sagittarius Bracelet by Belle Roussel for Chop Zuey Couture *

Shoes: Maitreya Gold Aequus Blue *V2.0 Boxed* by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya Gold

Fall In

Fall In

And don’t worry
If we fall in love
We will never touch the ground

~ “Fall In” by Esperanza Spaulding

Fall In

I’ll admit—I like romance like the next woman. I like the thought of looking beautiful, being noticed as such, and swept off my feet. I hear a song like Esperanza Spaulding’s and think of dancing in a great club and being romanced. This dress is ideal for such a scenario. RFB Morpork has brought to SL her beautiful aesthetic and and fashion sense to SL with drop dead gorgeous creations. This dress, a new release, includes a sheer lace jacket over a satin bodice with a lace skirt. What puts this above others is the attention to detail—the filigreed belt, the cuffs and collar, the lingerie details from the bodice to the torso. This is not like every other dress in SL, thank goodness, because not every woman has the same idea of romance.

Fall In

My skin is a striking and sexy look from esra Noyes. With its peaked eyebrows and glossy lips and eyeshadows, it’s sexy and sophisticated. My hair is a sweptback wonder from Neveah Niu that includes a script that allows you to darken the shade if you choose. I did find I had to wear a hair base with this and I opted for Queue Marlowe’s base because it has a lovely hairline and the color matched well. My eyes are Ikon Innovia’s newest—Arabian blue. Speckled and artistic, they have a romantic twinkle I can’t resist.

My earrings and ring are part of a jewelry set from AvaGardner Kungler that includes a beautiful octopus brooch that lies over the shoulder. It did not show well with this dress or I would have worn it. It’s definitely a statement piece and beautifully done. Evidence of its beauty can be found in the matching earrings and ring with their deep gem textures. AvaGardner doesn’t just make jewelry—she seeks to find inspiration for it and push beyond what she sees others making in RL.

Fall In

They say
If you live in a dream
You’re hopelessly lost
This ain’t just any old dream
For our paths have crossed
And I may be hopelessly lost
But somehow
I’ve managed to find heaven

Hair: ICONIC Nadie-RedPack* by Neveah Niu for ICONIC *

Skin: DREAM INK-SF-ARIANNA-D-4 by esra Noyes for DREAM INK

Skin base: AD hair base – cinnamon by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Arabian Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: Paris Metro: Feast – Sable (T) – GORGEOUS Burnout Velvet Gown by RFB Morpork for Paris Metro

Earrings and ring: (Kunglers Extra) Estrela by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers Extra *