Paperwork Shows

24 08 2012

If you like doing photography in SL, if you don’t want to muck around with PS, if you want to explore taking photos and machinima with amazing effects, check out the blog from Paperwork Resident, otherwise known as William Weaver. See SL in a whole new light!

(I REALLY want you to check it out. It’s amazing. And you know I never gush.)

See some of the most beautiful work you have ever seen in SL on his blog (besides the work of Skip Staheli, who is opening a show at Gallery Assis tomorrow—adult only), and learn how to do it too!

And don’t IM him. He never ever answers. Just sayin.

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5 responses

25 08 2012
Quan Lavender

Don’t miss his exhibtion inworld ‘build 010′:
Click the TP board at the landing point.

25 08 2012
Harper Beresford

Thanks for pointing that out. :)

27 08 2012
William Weaver

Thank you for your lovely post and kind words.


27 08 2012
William Weaver

Oh and feel free to IM if you like or email if you prefer…… thank you again Harper!

3 12 2012
Caravan « A Passion for Virtual Fashion

[...] note: Congrats and thank you, William, for contributing to the lastest Firestorm release. Your Phototools have been a revelation to me, and I hope will be to many more. You’re a [...]

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