First Impressions

…it would be interesting to find out what goes on in that moment when someone looks at you and draws all sorts of conclusions. –Malcolm Gladwell

First Impressions

What’s the first impression you want to give? The thing about our avatars is that they are aspirational—the representation of the impression we want others to have. Do we want to be glamorous and flamboyant, down-to-earth and folksy, standoffish and sleek, elegant and friendly? I aim for the latter. Elegance is always my goal. This latest dress from AvaGardner Kungler makes that easy with the simple sleeveless sheath ending in a sleek skirt with kick pleats (which I find so ingeniously done here—two separate prim attachments). A thin red leather belt (the dress comes with three choices) punctuates the look with color as do my sexy shoes from Rosie Lavochkin.

First Impressions

I picked up this skin by Miah McAuley at the Dressing Room Blue. I was surprised at its sophistication, to be honest. Miah has a lot of win in her work from the nicely shaped eyebrows to the luscious lips and subtle shading across the skin. A simple sophisticated bob from boo Nakamura is really all I need to give a good impression.

First Impressions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Hair: booN KRC190 hair red by boo Nakamura for booN

Skin: Olga-tan-evening by Miah McAuley for ~Natural Beauty~, available at The Dressing Room Blue

Dress: (Kunglers) Donatella – Coffee by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Shoes: *Deviant Designs* Envy (Red) by Rosie Lavochkin for *Deviant Designs*

Again, done in Phoenix with screen capture. Very frustrating but working it out.

Darlin’ Do Not Fear

‘Cause it won’t last – your worries will pass
All your troubles they don’t stand a chance
And sometimes it takes more than a lifetime to know
Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know

Darlin Do Not Fear

I guess I write a lot about taking it down a notch, being happy, not worrying so much. It’s a mantra I repeat in my own head a lot. I found out if you make it so, it’s so. What I mean is that if you decide not to let fear and panic rule your life, amazingly there isn’t so much to fear or fret or complain about. As the lyrics say, “Do not fear what you don’t really know.”

I took this attitude out shopping on the grid lately.  I put together this easy-going sporty outfit as I was out and about—it’s a great representation of the idea of being happy and a little fearless. First the great suede *faux* fur coat I wear, which is a sort of laid back, cares to the world bohemian, made by Violace Huntress. It’s well made with a great textures, though the fur is full bright. My pants are from designer Lalu Bonetto, who has some funky and fabulous clothing in her store. Love the shadows on these. A sexy little t-shirt with peek-a-boo lace from AvaGardner Kungler, and I am set.

Darlin Do Not Fear

My gorgeous winsome skin is from Tuli Asturias, who recently reopened her sim and is offering a whole new set of skins plus redone skins with numerous layers. This skin I purchased ahead of the game during a Black Friday sale, but I am sure that her new Claire line will be just as pleasing.

My hair is one of Truth Hawks’ newest releases. With its side part over the eye, it’s a fun look.

Darlin Do Not Fear

Finally I show you my shoes.. and legwarmers. Also made by Violace Huntress, they are amalgamations of purchased sculpties with some terrific textures. I really like the shape of the shoe with the legwarmer combined. It’s a sort of boot alternative and a little different than the run of the mill shoe with legwarmer or boot.

Darlin Do Not Fear

‘Cause it won’t last – your worries will pass
All your troubles they don’t stand a chance
And it always hurts the worst when it’s the ones we love the most
Darlin’ do not fear what you don’t really know

~ “Darlin’ Do Not Fear” by Brett Dennen

Hair: >TRUTH< Courtney – almond by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Claire (tone 3/dk) :: 04 by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Coat: *VioMagic* Sheepskin Coat by Violace Huntress for *VioMagic*

Top: (Kunglers) Celine – coffee by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Pants: GATO- Stripe Jeans by Lalu Bonetto for GATO

Shoes: *VioMagic* Get Warm Shoes by Violace Huntress for *VioMagic*

Tanto Tempo

Ando tanto tempo a perguntar
Porque esperar tanto assim de alguem
Sem saber
Sem qualquer medo de ver

~ “Tanto Tempo” by Bebel Gilberto

Tanto Tempo

I love Brazilian women singers—Bebel Gilberto and Marisa Monte in particular. They sing from a lower part of their throat, very sultry and feminine, with those lovely eliding consonants of Portugese and a sort of languid sweetness. Today I am a Brazilian beauty in my mind, ready for dancing or a party in the summer air of December. AvaGardner Kungler makes it easy in this lovely dress she recently released. As always she includes rich textures, great system pieces, and a perfect silhouette. What you don’t see that I found so ingenious are the skirt prims… long rectangles on the outside, they are hollowed out with a circular inside, so they show very intriguing surfaces as the flexis move.

Tanto Tempo

I danced over to boo Nakamura’s for an updo and found a whole set of great hairbases with hair pieces. Boo was probably thrilled about the new tattoo layer as hair sections had always been part of the inventory at booN but one didn’t know quite what to do with them until now. I like this particular style as it’s as if wild hair has been restrained.

Tanto Tempo

I’ve been wondering for so long
Why to expect so much from someone
Without knowing
Without any fear to see

Hair: booN PKJ371 hair chocolate with booN gathered raised hairbase chocolate by boo Nakamura for booN

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Apricot- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Dress: (Kunglers) Virginia – mocca by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Earrings: *CentoPallini* il Bosco[Earring} Rusty by caran Jaran for *CentoPallini*

Shoes: [e] Move Pumps – Java by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira

I Like Big Butts

A designer friend recently came into group chat for Designers in Seclusion and asked us how we could help her explain to a customer that the system skirt makes your butt look larger. I remember noticing this phenomenon when I was first in SL (“OMG, I look fat in this!”) but realized it was simply a feature I needed to learn how to use (and not a bug). Let’s do a quick tutorial on system skirts so we can choose whether we like big butts.

I like big butts

In the second photo, I am wearing a gorgeous new dress from Barbra Kungler wearing my normal shape. Barbra has opted to use the system skirt to show the beautiful texture on the skirt as if it was stretched tightly around the torso. It is a thin sexy silhouette that looks fantastic.. IF you wear it right.

I like big butts

Now, I DO like big butts—I sport a healthy one on my regular shape.  However, if you look at my rump in this dress, I push past the sexy Joan Holloway back end to something borderline absurd. The reason the system skirt functions like this is because the system skirt was intentionally designed to lie a few pixels above the shape—it has to clear all the movements of the avatar walking, turning, etc. There is no way for a designer to make the skirt fit more tightly. It is what it is.

What most intelligent and discerning avatars do is make an additional shape they call their “skirt shape,” and they put that on when they wear system skirts. In my case, I have notched down two sliders—the Saddle Bags and the Butt Size under the Legs option–in my shape. Barbra’s fantastic dress now looks great on me. Consider your skirt shape a sort of virtual Spanx and use it wisely. I really hate seeing buttless avatars. “I like big butts and I can not lie.” But don’t blame a designer when that system skirt looks too big on you.

I like big butts

I am showing another of Queue Marlowe’s fantastic new hairs with this outfit. Again, I am wearing her magic tattoo layer hair base, which is colored to match the hair perfectly. I love how the wisps show around the nape of the neck and the sassy shape of the ponytail.

I like big butts

So Fellas (yeah) Fellas(yeah)
Has your girlfriend got the butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt
Baby got back

~ “I Like Big Butts” by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Hair: nadia brunette with AD hair base – brunette by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Peacock- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Dress: (Kunglers) Adrianne Floral by Barbra Kungler for Kunglers *

Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Wonder by Kalnins

Inspired by a Violet….

A friend of mine, Mr. Oh, recently IM’d me to tell me about a new blog he had come upon. He is a wonderful blogger for Second Man—articulate, critical and illustrative. He raises the bar for other bloggers every time. So a recommendation from him needs to be heeded. And he was right. Digital Butch is a terrific blog by Saaskje Violet, a “boi” who likes to show her butch looks and explain where to find fashions she likes. What I so like about it is that Saaskje definitely has an editorial viewpoint, a unique voice, and a great fashion sense. Inspired by Saaskje, I put together this look.

Inspired by a Violet...

First the jacket, a punk marvel from Amerie Spitteler, who has her own unique voice. Kinda punk, kinda Tokyo street girl, it’s hard where it needs to be and sweet where it needs to be. I especially like how she got the system piece to convincingly show belts across the torso and combine it with the prim belt. It’s all of a piece and makes sense. I wear a little bra from Mariska Simons underneath—our girl is pretty underneath all that armor, you know. And leggings are from AvaGardner Kungler. Didn’t think she could do punk, didya?

I love these boots from Vasha Martinek, which I have been holding on to for a while. Vasha offers a plethora of fantasy and funky boots at DV8 and her designs are getting less chunky and more refined. My only complaint? This set did not have RED boots!

Inspired by a Violet...

I know a couple days ago I pointed out that Gala Phoenix’s skins were “young” skins—too baby-faced, too dewy. For this look they are perfect because the sweetness of the skins softens this look substantially. I don’t expect a punky girl to be all sophisticated. I expect her face to show vulnerability, and this skin makes it work.

My glorious hair is from Emilie Carter, who provides the grid with shaved, wild hair that is beautiful at the same time. In addition, she makes hair bases that are shaved to match her wild hair.

Inspired by a Violet...

Hair: 99Hair -Krima –b1 by Emelie Carter for 99 elephants

Hair tattoo: 99Hair -Shaved Tattoo LAYER -black T0 by Emelie Carter for 99 elephants

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Raccoon 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio

Jacket: AMERIE -  Vampire Coat_Red(F) by Amerie Spitteler for AMERIE

Bra: ~Blacklace~ Black Satin & Lace Bra by Mariska Simons for ~Blacklace~

Leggings: (Kunglers) Raffi pants – black by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Earrings: Onenine Piercing Ver.1.2 (on Left ear) by PaintO Jie for Onenine and Kunstkammer Extra Piercings without Facelight – gold by Nuala Shippe for Kunstkammer (no longer available)

Leg ties: ~*RunoRuno*~ Narke Leg by Jojorunoo Runo for ~*RunoRuno*~

Boots: +DV8+ Union Jill Boots – Charcoal by Vasha Martinek for +DV8+ *

Rock Me Right

You say you haven’t been rocked in a long, long time
Oh, good, hard rockin’ is so hard to find baby
Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you shout
Oh, your homemade lovin’ done knocked me out baby

Rock Me Right

What’s a rock n roll girl to do when she wants to be rocked right? She dresses up to rock it hard. It starts with this glam coat from AvaGardner Kungler. With its wild, fiery feathers and its glam short styling, this is perfect for a girl out on the town. I wear it over a little body suit from Jungeun Vella, who is having a sale at his place on clothing and hair. Check it out!

Rock Me Right

My makeup is bold and sexy, courtesy of Nena Janus, who has come out with a fabulous new line for brunettes. I have been through the gamut of make ups and it’s a very sexy skin from top to bottom. Nena builds her own skins—no purchased templates—so this is true artistry. Next time I am going to show a softer side of this skin.

My necklace, also from AvaGardner Kungler, is just one more piece of extravagance on an already extravagant outfit. With a diamond-studded head, it loops around her neck, whispering “ss-sin” sibilantly.

Rock Me Right

Finally, the shoes, which have already walked their way all over the blogs, but I have to show my investment off as well. Maitreya has come out with this pair of socks with sandals that, under usual circumstances, would only be worn by my grandfather but in this situation look like sex in high heels. I wish they had given us the shoe without the sock—I still think they make some of the prettiest toes on the grid—but I see that in this season, socks are called for as the nights grow chilly. I will say the foot Onxy LeShelle has made here is almost as sexy as a bare foot. And I will note that the socks are color change and don’t have to be long up your leg–you can wear them down around your ankles too. Our rock girl digs this look—it keeps beer splashed during the backstage party off her toes.

Rock Me Right

Come on and rock me right…
Oh, rock me right…
Rock me right…
I’m gonna show you how to rock me right

~ “Rock Me Right” by Susan Tedeschi

Hair: BP*big bomb hair2 by BettiePage Voyager for BP

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Glam- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Jacket: (Kunglers Couture) Isis – feather jacket – fire by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers

Bodysuit: JE*REPUBLIC-MIST by Jungeun Vella for JE*REPUBLIC

Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Serpente- necklace silver by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers

Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Patent Red by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Late Nights in the Groups

I was up late last night chatting away about Thanksgiving and shopping and the banter flew around. The thing is, it wasn’t local chat—it was group chat. For some reason groups have gotten a lot chattier for me. While I am blogging or working or running around shopping alone, I am in group chats chatting. It’s almost a form of texting with the group chat being a mobile phone (and I have seen some chatting FROM their mobile phone in group chat). This is why it’s so important to people that LL get this fixed. It’s social glue.

Late Nights in the Groups

I put this ensemble together while I was chatting. I love these new dresses from AvaGardner Kungler. This is AvaGardner’s forte: using complex textures in clothing—prints of various florals and abstracts run over clothing with exquisite texturing in the shadows and highlights so that the clothing seems to be made of a material with an expensive sheen. She carries it through to her jewelry as well, if you look closely at my necklace.

Late Nights in the Groups

This is one of Truth Hawks’ new colors—quince—on one of Truth’s new hairs. I show it with Mallory Cowen’s absolutely gorgeous Julie skin, which I *love* for redheads. Originally I was a LAQ girl with red hair before I decided to transform myself daily. Mallory still does it for me with her gorgeous skins.

Late Nights in the Groups

Thanks to Hey, Girlfriends and Fashion Emergency for making me smile:

Hair: >TRUTH< Sonya – quince by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: LAQ ~ Julie – 01 [Peach] Glow skin by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki *

Dress: (Kunglers) Tanja – green by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Bambu – natura by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Shoes: ::Kookie:: Vo pumps / Green grass by Kookie Lemon for ::Kookie::

Autumn Movement

I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.

The field of cornflower yellow is a scarf at the neck of the copper sunburned woman, the mother of the year, the taker of seeds.

The northwest wind comes and the yellow is torn full of holes, new beautiful things come in the first spit of snow on the northwest wind, and the old things go, not one lasts.

~ Carl Sandburg

Autumn Movement

Autumn has peaked here and all it leaves are the memories of colors and the golden sunlight scattered on the lawn. AvaGardner Kungler’s evening dress reminds me of those colors with its rich gold so beautifully rendered and dark leaves. AvaGardner understands how to highlight the sheen that might show in a fabric and does a terrific job with the system piece bodice, doing just that.

Autumn Movement

I wear this dress over one of Kira Ahn’s skins, currently at a discount at her closing sale for dekade. This African-American skin is gorgeous with great highlighting. I especially love the eyes and lips. I adjusted my facial features quite substantially on my shape to make the skin make more sense. I am curious if Kira was fitting this skin to a thinner nose because I found it hard to make a nose that made sense.

Queue Marlowe made this absolutely gorgeous updo with an optional band that can be modified to any color you choose through the old-fashioned, scriptless edit and color change. (Honestly, sometimes that’s all it takes, folks—low lag and easy peasy ;)) I wear pretty leaf earrings from Caroline Apollo for this autumn theme and a great texture change bracelet from Julia Tower.

Autumn Movement

I cried over beautiful things knowing no beautiful thing lasts.

Hair: AD – kathryn dark with hibi band by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: [dekade.] SKINS BARDOT-Zuri/Ebony/Eyebrows 02/Hair/Make up 03 by Kira Ahn for [dekade.]

Dress: (Kunglers Couture) Sophia – amber by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers

Earrings: (Caroline’s Jewelry) Gold Leaf Earring Large by Caroline Apollo for Caroline’s Jewelry

Bracelet: [} Jasha {] Verandi Bangle – Right by Julia Tower for [} Jasha {]


I love words that can only convey their meaning in their own language—schadenfreude, bricolage, lasagna… One such word is mélange which means a mixture, often of incongruous elements.


Not a lot of people are willing to take the risk of mélange in their own work—it’s hard to do well. AvaGardner Kungler has managed to pull it off very beautifully in this dress from her collection. When I first donned it, I was stunned by the combination of colors, textures and shapes that all came together to make this unified dress. AvaGardner pulls it off by making a very simple silhouette—an inverted triangle on top of a triangle—and echoing the audacity of the combined textures by exaggerating those shapes. The dress could be flat out wrong if AvaGardner had not had the base brown in the colorways and if she had not chosen such an elegant silhouette.


I am featuring one of aida Ewing’s newest skins with the dress. Aida’s skill has been developing as she proceeds to each skin, her experience being carefully applied. For this set, I was pleased to see more definition to the lips and eyebrows, more elegant color choices, and a lovely shape to the eyebrows and lips. Aida’s skins are not “photoreal” insofar as they have the flaws—pores, shadows, under-eye circles—that other skins have. Nevertheless it’s an attractive skin, especially for photography.

I am wearing a lovely set of jewelry from Julia Merosi, which is being sold at the Jewelry Fair. I love the deep teal of the gems on this jewelry and the unique shape of the stones. She runs the shape from the earrings to the bracelet to the ring (and the necklace, which I don’t show here). The texture on the gem is gorgeous as is most of her work.


I had a bowl of schadenfreude for breakfast, some bricolage for lunch and lasagna with a side dish of mélange for dinner. Topped it all off with an ennui nightcap ;)

Hair: Monique – Dark Copper by Calico Ingmann for Calico Ingmann Creations

Skin: -Glam Affair- SofiaV2- Natural 11 by aida Ewing for Glam Affair

Dress: (Kunglers Couture) Ellis – chocolate by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Earrings, Bracelet and Ring: ::je::suis::mysterious::earrings, ::je::suis::mysterious::ring, and ::je::suis::mysterious::bracelet by Julia Merosi for je suis, available at the 2010 Jewelry Fair

Final Flowers

The final flowers of the season are blooming—the fall mums, the purple sedum on the side of the house, a screwy clematis who apparently didn’t get the note about the seasons changing.

Final Flowers

AvaGardner Kungler is clinging to those final flowers for all she’s worth in her two latest offerings. First the dress, which is her Dressing Room Blue contribution this week and which I am seeing on every pretty girl on the grid. With its lovely floral pattern and great shading, it’s a great buy, as most everything at Kunglers is.

Final Flowers

Then there is her beautiful Camelia jewelry set, fashioned from prims into gorgeous stylized flowers hanging from a chain and earrings. There is a certain joy in AvaGardner’s jewelry work. You really feel like she is sitting in her workshop, fashioning beads and wires and other findings into these necklaces—they have a human hand-crafted touch that so much SL jewelry lacks. She has this available at the 2010 Jewelry Fair in three colorways along with several other beautiful pieces she has fashioned.

Launa Fauna’s newest skin makes my face glow, especially with her deeply shadowed eyes. I am a huge fan of her eyebrows. I am of mixed feelings, sometimes. Launa’s skins have a very specific lip style that sometimes seems overblown on my shape at times–I feel too many bees got to sting me. Chatty argues the pout is the thing–what do you think?

Final Flowers

Written while staring out my window at the sunlight on the golden birch tree leaves.

Hair: >TRUTH< Anya – chestnut by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH<

Skin: L.Fauna {Lola . Tan 1} [Whisper] by Launa Fauna for L.Fauna

Dress: (Kunglers) TDRB #9 – short dress by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers, available at The Dressing Room

Necklace and Earrings: (Kunglers Extra) Camelia – aluminium by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers, available at the 2010 Jewelry Fair *

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Wrap Front Sandals (Dark Brown) by JB Gazov for J’s