KittyCatS and Friends Advent Calendar–Final Review

KittyCatS and Friends Advent Calendar–Final Review

The KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar is still available through January 5 if you need to grab your gifts.


Find these awesome leggings from Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch for Day 22, available in system pieces and then an Omega HUD so everyone can enjoy them and wear them with something cute. These will get you through the holidays into winter!


Sawsan Secretspy of WoW Skins is offering this glorious skin in Tan with Omega appliers for head and body for Day 22 as well for soft winter looks including a cleavage option and Catwa, LAQ, Logo, and Eve appliers.

For Day 23, Nino Heartsdale of Heartsdale Jewellery generously offers a jewelry set for both men and women. The Nova Collection comes with bracelets, watches, and rings for left or right hands.

In tradition, Day 24 is the day where a new KittyCat is unveiled and this year’s KittyCat is as gorgeous as every other year. With holiday snowflakes tumbling around his fur and a deep midnight blue fur, the 2016 Advent Calendar KittyCat is a collectible to treasure for years to come. Each one comes with a week of food so you can enjoy his or her growth and antics through the holiday.

The team at KittyCatS wishes you a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year with these gifts!

More KittyCatS Advent Calendar Gifts!

More KittyCatS Advent Calendar Gifts!

There are more and more gifts coming out of the KittyCatS Advent Calendar that wow me. What an amazing gift of creativeness and generosity we are receiving this year from these creators! Thank you so much!

First is this darling gift from Cherelle Capra of Circa for Day 11, a gorgeous holiday fireplace with decor and pillows. The cushions have 11 animations each, different in each, and marshmallow roasting sticks. The fireplace has on/off on touch.


Izara Zuta of 7 Deadly Skins provides the gift for Day 12, a gorgeous Omega applier fashioned on LAQ but can be worn on other heads like Logo and Catwa. In three tones, the set includes appliers for Tango, Phatazz and Slink hands and feet.


Day 13 brings us a whole set of fun from Rebel Hope for Rebel Hope Designs including mesh boots in red with green garters, a green knit dress with a red belt and a variety of ornamented kitty ears. What a perfect festive combo. I am seated at the gift for Day 14, a candy cane speckled bistro set from Victor Newchurch of Newchurch. Each chair includes a variety of poses for men and women and texture change cushions.


Day 15 brings two gifts! Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey has crafted this gorgeous jewelry set for girls who want to glisten with a thousand stars.


And architect Cain Maven of Maven Homes and Quantum Luxury Homes gives us this elegant sideboard and bowl of oranges (which has found a perfect spot in my home).


Inka Mexicola of Essences generously provides the gift for Day 16, this luscious skin for Catwa and Omega system heads.


Queue Marlowe of Analog Dog offers this beautiful hair for Day 17, a style beautiful in several shades with HUDs, including both flexi and mesh with her characteristic curls and waves.


Barnesworth Anubis gives us one of the gifts for Day 18, a classic garden folly that can display your tree or be used in your summer garden.


And the upstoppable and ever-romantic duo of Paul Lapointe and Bastchild Lotus for Lapointe & Bastchild bring us this great unisex dogtag with their brilliant texture change hud.


Day 19 brings two amazing gifts as well. Garvie Garzo of meadowWorks has given us this amazing sculpture based on Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince.  The sweetest feature is a low script bluebird who flutters about happily and sings a little song.


Carina Larsen of Amacci has provided this absolutely darling hair with a HUD for changing the colors of the hair and rose.


And for Day 20, Mami Jewell of Azul gives us this amazing dress in black and purple in mesh with flexis for your holiday parties. Mami has again outdone herself with her gorgeous textures.


ChloeElectra, the fabulous lady behind .alme, gives us this beautiful nail polish set in various silver looks (perfect to match just about everything you might wear this season) for Day 22.

alme.   Glam Winter - Silver - AD.png

I will wrap up with the rest of the KittyCatS and Friends Advent Calendar gifts in a few days.


KittyCats Advent Calendar

KittyCats Advent Calendar

The KittyCatS Advent Calendar is up again this year with a lot of spectacular gifts for people!

Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea has this fabulous chair with single and couples poses for Day 1 and come back on Day 7 for the darling poinsettia from Kriss Lehmann of Botanical. Day 2 is a great snowglobe with poses from ZzoieZee for Zanze.

Day 3 features 2 gifts: a great set of sneakers with and without socks from Ansor Hoorenbeek of Hoorenbeek for both men and women and a gorgeous fireplace with working fire from Karthikeyan Engineer for Mesh India, including a log holder. (Again, note the poinsettia.)

Day 4 gives two fabulous gifts from Alaska Metropolitan for AlaskaMetro (nails and brows!) and a darling grandfather clock from Kaerri Rae of Kaerri.

Day 5 is a darling cottage from Ulaa Coronet of Funky Junk (a whole cottage!) and Day 6 is a sexy mesh dress from Hilly Haalan that fits standard size, Maitreya, TMP and Slink. Hot!

Day 7 is the aforementioned poinsettia from Kriss Lehmann of Botanical (everyone needs one of these) and Day 8 gives darling nails from Santana Lumiere of La Boheme for a variety of nail types with gold or silver buckles.

Day 9 are two gifts… Giela Delpaso of Nailed It made this sweet set of nails for all nail types and separate mesh nails if you still go system. And Debil Skute of Dekute Dekore is offering this great neutral furniture set that include a variety of sits. These are seriously great pieces.

Day 10 is a sexy little dress from June Dion for Bare Rose with mesh and system pieces.


Check back in a few days for more gifties!




Regency Romance

Regency Romance

“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.” ~ Jane Austen

Regency Romance

It was years ago I was in Janice Radway’s class at Duke, reveling in my luck at being the student of the queen of cultural studies whose book about reading romances was the bible for new reader-response criticism. She wrote the definitive literary critique of romance novels. Of course, the class I took turned into a sort of solipsistic exercise in futility—navel-gazing wasn’t working for me—but she was still an awesome scholar.

That being said, I rather enjoy a good romance myself. Jane Austin, Georgette Heyer, Courtney Milan. Nothing wrong with indulging oneself in dreams of a visit to Almack’s and waltzing with a rake of a duke. Natzuka Miliandrovic’s dress for this month’s Shiny Shabby might fit the bill for an in-world romance—a pretty frock with a lovely brocade. Paired with EmpyreanForge’s lovely necklace, it’s a romance-worthy look.

Regency Romance

Sawsan Secretspy’s sublime skin for the Fluffy and Fierce event applies perfectly to the Destiny Catwa head, making me smile, especially with Llianachristina’s pretty eyes for Shiny Shabby. An up-do with tendrils framing the face from Mariru Catnap at Hairology completes my romantic look.

Regency Romance

Hair: :CHEVEUX:M089Hair Browns by Mariru Catnap for .:CHEVEUX:., available at Hairology *

Skin applier: .::WoW Skins::. Soraya Darktan Catwa applier by sawsan Secretspy for .::WoW skins, available at Fluffy and Fierce *

Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9 by Catwa Clip for CATWA *

Eyes: LOTUS. Genetics Eyes – Turquoise by lilanachristina for LOTUS, available at Shiny Shabby *

Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Dress: !:Lybra:! Giulia Babyblue ~ Maitreya by Natzuka Miliandrovic for Lybra, available at Shiny Shabby *

Necklace: EF: Breccia Necklace by EmpyreanForge for Empyrean Forge, available at Shiny Shabby *

Poses by Di Hoorenbeek for Di’s Opera

Regency Romance

Time Doth Flit

Time Doth Flit

“Time doth flit; oh shit.”~  Dorothy Parker


I hate the blogs that start out “Sorry I have been so busy so I missed posting.” So I won’t say that. What I will say is that I have taken a new job in RL, my kid started school, the dog ate some grapes (who knew they were dangerous?), etc etc. Time doth flit!

The SOS Festival is almost over, and I wanted to make a personal remark on their charity of choice. I agreed to be the blogger liaison for the Festival because Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontieres is such an important organization in many ways. They bring medical aid to areas where it’s most needed—places like Syria and Afghanistan, yes, but also places like Cote d’Ivoire, Italy, Haiti, and North Korea. The concept of “without borders” is the idea that the organization and medical workers make no decisions about politics, religion, gender, ethnicity—their service is neutral and impartial and not supported financially by any state actors.

A friend of mine in SL was a nurse who had done missions for Medicines Sans Frontieres several times. His latest assignment was in Mauritania, a country he described as almost middle ages in its technology and society. He was there simply to provide vaccines to children and adults—a pretty benign task. However, he had to have guards with him at all times to ensure his safety. In order to volunteer, he needed to obtain time off from his employer—a large European medical hospital—and since he was head of his department—a very large ICU–he needed to make sure things were in place during his absence. Therefore, his volunteered time involved a complicated set of negotiations as well as his own safety—all to make sure children and adults got shots we routinely get at checkup in the West.

I think it’s important to consider the people being helped, of course. But also imagine the many medical workers who volunteer for these positions and they time they donate. When you donate, you are giving money to help organize and provide supplies for these doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel. They are giving their very valuable time. It’s so little for us to purchase a pretty dress to supply them with the medications, supplies and logistics they need to help people.

When I became liaison, I asked the SOS organizers quite pointedly how they were managing the donations they received for this fund raiser. I get a little nervous about donations going through grid citizens as they can potentially be misappropriated in so many ways and I want to know my full donation is going directly to the organization. I was assured that monies were going directly to Doctors without Borders, and indeed, I spoke to the liaison they have at the New York office of Doctors Without Borders. (On Skype—the real person!) He was enthusiastic about the fund raiser and pretty stoked to have his avatar dressed up by the ladies organizing the event. Know this: the money is going DIRECTLY to Doctors Without Borders without any intervention except the cost to cash out via Lindex. No one is claiming a tax deduction, skimming an amount for their services or otherwise touching the donations. The designers’ vendors flip donations immediately over to the MSF avatar, which is solely controlled by the liaison in New York. You can’t get much cleaner than that.


When I saw the dress Alaska Metropolitan had made for the SOS Festival, I was pretty impressed. All monies collected for the sale of this dress (in several color ways including a special one-off auction dress) are being given directly to Doctors Without Borders. That’s a mighty big sacrifice on Alaska’s part because this dress is a sexy-classic mesh piece and great fitting on many body types. It’s the kind of dress that every girl should have in her inventory as it’s sexy, fashionable, and practical all at once. Wear it around the grid, wear it dancing, wear it to a date—it makes the grade. Thanks, Alaska, for this awesome donation!

I was able to match it up with sexy shoes by Celena Galli for Shiny Shabby that include a versatile HUD that let me color portions of the shoe to my liking so I could match them perfectly to the dress. AvaGardner Kungler is offering another of her exquisite jewelry pieces at Shiny Shabby this month, a necklace with dangling gems.

My applier is one of Inka Mexicola’s looks for her gacha at Kustom 9. I love the brows, which are fuller, and the expressive eye makeup. I admit I tinted up the pink lipstick a little more using the HUD for the Catwa Destiny head, and I used the hairbase as well so I had a nice line with my ponytail from Liza Broono for this month’s Hairology.


Hair: #Foxy – Fyre by Liza Broono for #Foxy, available at Hairology *

Skin applier: #10 Essences [ImaniM02] by Inka Mexicola for Essences, available at Kustom9 *

Mesh head:CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9 by Catwa Clip for CATWA *

Eyes: [theSkinnery] Palermo Eyes 8 by Umazuma Metaluna for [theSkinnery], available at the Ultra Event *

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Dress: alaskametro<3 “Grace” leather dress – blush/cream Maitreya by Alaska Metropolitan for AlaskaMetro, available at the SOS Festival*

Necklace: (Kunglers) Lakshmi necklace – Quartz by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers Extra, available at Shiny Shabby *

Nails: Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Lavender Ice by Maia Gasparini for Hello Dave!

Shoes: PHEDORA / Abby heels / Maitreya by Celena Galli for PHEDORA, available at Shiny Shabby *

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin


Wild Honey Pie

Wild Honey Pie

Honey Pie
Honey Pie
Honey Pie
Honey Pie
I love you, Honey Pie

~ “Wild Honey Pie” by the Beatles

Wild Honey Pie

Summer’s almost over (as evidenced by the gray sky I see outside today). But I can sneak one more day of shorts in before the air turns nippy. The shorts I chose are demin Daisy Dukes from Paul Lapointe and Bastchild Lotus, as always accompanied by a ton of choices in their texture change HUD, from designs on the pockets to the denim color to the belt style and color. I picked red, of course, to match the corset-like top Annie Melson has made for the Mesh Body Addicts event this month. Darling little cowboy boots from Klari55a for the Mesh Body Addicts match this casual look.

Wild Honey Pie

I really am loving Shyla Diggs’ new applier for the Catwa heads, so I chose it again for my blog. This time I have used a darker skin tone and pretty freckles with a deep red lip. I especially like that her skins match up with the Belleza body skins, which are so sexy on the body itself. Somehow Shyla and Tricky have added a special sexiness to the skins with the details they have chosen—beautiful collarbones, a shapely belly, even sexy knees. My long thick hair is NoMatch’s featured look for Hairology, long feathered locks with a center part. It’s a perfect last-breath-of-summer ensemble.

Wild Honey Pie

Hair: NO.MATCH_NO.HEAT. by n0match for NO.MATCH, available at Hairology *

Skin applier: -Belleza- Jordan Catwa Applier Deep Tan by Shyla Diggs for –Belleza– *

Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9 by Catwa Clip for CATWA *

Body: -Belleza- Isis V2.01 by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza– *

Eyes: [theSkinnery] Palermo Eyes 7 by Umazuma Metaluna for [theSkinnery],

Top: *JB* Emma Top – FatPack – Isis by Annie Melson for Just Because, available at Mesh Body Addicts *

Shorts: L&B (*Fitted* ISIS) Swear Boho Jeans Shorts by BastChild Lotus and Paul Lapointe for Lapointe and Bastchild *

Boots: [BELLEZA] -KC- AUSTIN ANKLE BOOTS / PAIR by Klari55a for KC Couture, available at Mesh Body Addicts *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression

Wild Honey Pie

Venus Fly

Venus Fly

Oh, why you looking at me again?
Oh, why you looking at me again?
Why you looking at me now?
Why you looking at me again?

~ “Venus Fly” by Grimes feat. Janelle Monae

Venus Fly

I love being so fly, pink and purple, soft and sexy. Ariadna Garrigus’ gorgeous new dress with a versatile texture change HUD fits the bill. I am especially happy that it fits the Belleza Isis body. I am disappointed that so many creators have not chosen to work with the Belleza bodies—the Isis is very sexy and curvy in the right ways and this dress, all my “assets” are shown to their best advantage. I was able to mix and match colors on Celena Galli’s shoes for this round of Mesh Body Addicts to make everything match up.

Venus Fly

I wish Shyla Diggs was issuing more skins and appliers. She does the most perfectly beautiful looks with subtle makeups, sensuous creamy skins and an absolutely gorgeous body. If I had a skin I would choose to wear every day to look beautiful, it would most definitely be Shyla’s. With the Destiny Catwa head, it looks absolutely perfect, especially with Shyla’s sexy makeups. I chose to wear Mina Nakamura’s long center-parted hair because the textures are so terrific and the color is a gorgeous blond. I am so fly!

Venus Fly

Hair: MINA Hair – Wynona (no materials) by Mina Nakamura for MINA, available at Hairology *

Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9 by Catwa Clip for CATWA *

Skin applier: -Belleza- Jordan Catwa Applier Sunkissed by Shyla Diggs for –Belleza– *

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Leafy~ December Eye by Funeral Plutonian for {S0NG}

Mesh body: -Belleza- Isis V2.01 by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza– *

Dress: ***Arisaris/B&W~Gara52~Asymmetric Dress- Belleza Isis by Ariadna Garrigus for ArisAris *

Shoes: PHEDORA / Beatrice heels / Belleza by Celena Galli for PHEDORA, available at Mesh Body Addicts *

Poses by Luna Jubilee for !bang

Venus Fly