Lady in Red

I have been a redhead almost since the first day I was in SL. I am not sure why I went this way—I have brown hair in RL. However, red—its heat, its passion, its vibrancy—are part of my SL self.

So when I saw this dress last night while I was hunting around for watermelons (and that is a whole other discussion that starts with “Why?”), I spotted a little store named LOOKR and bought a sexy looking dress that would match a pair of red shoes I had gotten the week before. (And we all know it’s all about the shoes.)

System pieces are not easy—especially not system skirts. Adam Soler has made a sexy system skirt for this piece, resisting the need to add to complete the look. On a modified skirt shape, this dress looks delicious.

Lady in Red

And the back is strappy and sexy.

Lady in Red

I opted to add the Nyte N Day’s Pith Necklace and bracelet, full perm pieces I purchased a while ago and never think to pull out.

Lady in Red

Finally the shoes. These sexy sandals, made by Delfi Lane, are a fierce competitor to the prevailing “leaders” in SL. With 12 nail textures, gold or silver metal, on or off toe ring, and easy fitting and skin coloring, at 425L, these shoes are a steal. Available in this Lucious Red, they also come in Black, Blush, Chocolate Brown, Silver Gray and Golden Sand. The fat pack retails for 2000L.

Lady in Red

What it is and where I got it:

Hair: (ZF) – Tiff Hair – Vivid Red by Zyrra Falcone for Panache Hair

Skin: Pulse Skin-Climax Tone3 Makeup 5 by Lorac Farella for Pulse

Dress: LOOKR ~ Elegente ~ Red by Adam Soler for LOOKR

Shoes: S@SS Leather Bound in Luscious Red by Delfi Lane for S@SS

One thought on “Lady in Red

  1. I HAD to get every color in the dress..then the shoes..the banner on your blog should read : SAVE TIME – BUY LINDENS BEFORE LOOKING

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