Asian Doll

I have too many kimonos. I really don’t know why I have them all—I rarely wear them except to look at them and marvel at how beautiful they are.

I have one in inventory that I purchased on the Japan sim a while ago and have taken photos of. It is a curious mix of kimono and bondage with it’s beautiful brocaded pieces and its studded collar. I badly wanted to show this piece from *Illuminati*.

Asian Doll

I had wandered to Urban Dare one night looking for a tail and found this great hair. I bought it because I knew it would come in handy some day, and sure enough it did.

Asian Doll

I found myself at Gauze the other day, and I found these terrific geisha skins made by Selos Dae. I have not been thrilled with most geisha skins I have found, but Selos’ skins have great proportions and colors. They are fantastical without being unhuman. Selos Dae has a number of amazing and wild skins besides these which will enhance your fantasy looks.

Asian Doll

Memoirs of this geisha:

Hair: Gothic Geisha Hair Black by SybiL Flower for Urban Dare

Skin: [][]TRAP[][] Geisha Full_B1by Selos Dae for [][]Trap[][]

Kimono (complete with tabi): *Illuminati* Ouka Saki Some ni Keri by Yukio Ida for [Gauze]

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