I have always liked this outfit. I bought it a while back on a Japanese sim and always loved putting it on


It’s short and flirty. Piah Noel has done a great job of making a “schoolgirl” outfit that is not so blatantly schoolgirl. With its cute floral skirt and three-quarter length sleeved knit sweater, it’s perfect for running around town.


I imagined it would look perfect with bangs (these from Zero Style)…


… and knee high boots (these from Enkythings).


How I like to flirt:

Hair: * 0 Style *Angie *(Auburn) by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Pulse Skin – Essence/Live by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Sweater and Skirt: ***Blanc***Black knit sweater & flower printed skirt by Piah Noel for ***Blanc***

Boots: * – enkythings – Cypa Black Alligator by Enktan Gully for Enkythings

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