Shimmy Shimmy

I have two ideas in my head today based on today’s blog topic… well actually three.

1. I look damn hot and that’s because:

2. I am wearing work from old school designers and

3. I used the option on my boots to make them look different—this time red stripes and details.

Let me get into the old school first. Evidence number one: swafette Firefly’s sexy, shimmering martine cocktail dress. With its shimmery prims, highlighted with a texture that I swear has sequins sewn to it, this dress is about movement, about fun, about hopping on that poseball and dancing all night, showing your legs up to there and your moves out to there.

Shimmy Shimmy

swafette has been doing this stuff for years—her repertoire is extensive and her skills considerable. swafette was doing this stuff long before you kids had sculpties or flexi! She makes clothes for men and women, both genders equally well represented in her fashions. She knows what makes people in SL have fun and she’s built a business that has lasted. And she does it with enthusiasm and graciousness.

Shimmy Shimmy

Evidence number two: the boots from Bax Coen. The new Prestige boots from Bax are to die for—I showed the black ones a few days ago. These are the white.

Shimmy Shimmy

This is my rant—when creators like Bax think enough to put in features like changeable metal, color changing details, etc., why doesn’t anyone USE them? I have seen countless women running around SL with the chain still across the shoes, even though it looks silly, or the foot color in it’s original orange tan. Bax has made these boots with tons of features. Trying them out with different outfits is worth at least an evening’s activity—well worth the low price she charges.

Styled this with a tossed haircut from Kin Keiko and a sweet Altonia skin from Pulse. No need to be over made up when the red stands out already.

Shimmy Shimmy

As Mae West would say, a little “Shimmy-Shawobble”:

Hair: Kin-Mairi-[Flamered] by Kin Keiko for Kin Keiko

Skin: Pulse Skin – Altonia-Far Away by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: sf design martine cocktail dress red by swaffette Firefly for sf designs

Jewelry: Princess Diamond Bracelt by Jordan Whittendon for Whittendon Design

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots White Leather by Bax Coen for Bax Coen Designs

4 thoughts on “Shimmy Shimmy

  1. “I have two ideas in my head today based on today’s blog topic… well actually three.” I wondered are they ideas or ideas/questions Harper?

    If questions then answers are –

    1 – you definitely do;

    2 – yes, but remember good karma always shows through;

    3 – the strips look cool, I am thinking a red zipper too.

    However, back to 2 “work from old school designers” and I am taking the wide view of the term “designer” to mean anyone who made something out of prims or system pieces (including skins).

    I wonder what “recent SL’ers” would make of the SL of years ago I am talking of when I first entered SL, when you needed a credit card to validate yourself to open an SL account, and yes pre voice, pre flexi-prims, pre-sculpties how about the days of Telehubs – OMG yes I have been here that long. (note Rory is not an alt he is a new account created when his typist terminated his old account)

    I also totally agree that swafette Firefly still makes great stuff and for men as well and Bax Coen – you rock – so how about some mens shoes :-)).

    While on the subject of mens “fashion” guys honestly, as strange as it may sound ripped jeans, tatts and piercings is not the only fashion look for men, and have you considered that perhaps some SL ladies many actually not even find the “pixel steroid filled gym-junkie shape” attractive? NOTE to SL females you do NOT have to max the boobs slider to look attractive – really.

    So men of SL pick up your fashion game, there are lots of really talented people making really great men’s fashion and it doesn’t all cost a fortune.

    Finally question to Harper – should I start a men’s fashion blog – I mean my wardrobe is substantial and yes dear readers I am a straight RL/SL male who does own over 30 pairs of SL shoes – really I do and I bought all of them at full price.

  2. ty Harper!! you got just what the dress was about too :) – since starting sl ive loved the music and dancing – i have to ‘dance test’ each dress i make- flexi’s were a great addition to the dance scene. The Bax boots and hair are perfect with it.
    re Lorac – agrees whole heartedly with your mens fashion comment and YES do a blog :) There are many guys who know how to look good in sl but there are also many who could do with some direction :)

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