Make Love, Not War

This is one of my favorite things to say…”Make love, not war.” I usually applies it to incendiary blogs or discussions about shoes in the fashion bloggers’ group. This sweet organic ensemble brought me closer to my hippie roots.

Make Love, Not War

Sari Telling—woo! What a colorful store that woman has! I wandered over there after having seen her in at RFL’s Clothing Fair earlier this year. Sari has truly groovy things to buy in spectacular colors at great prices. I chose this ensemble out of the *many* things I purchased at her store. She’s got it all—from bracelets to henna to dreadlocks to skirts and tops to armwarmers, all in her characteristic bright colors.

Make Love, Not War

Wild hair goes with wild colors, and I chose Queue Marlowe’s beautiful Madison hair (which has served me in so many instances). Her curly texture is the grid standard for curly and this one is the one we all wish we had in real life—bouncy, curly, wild and sexy. (Like Cylindrian Rutabaga’s RL hair!) Pulse’s sweet freckled new Harmony/Mona Lisa skin suits this look with its freshness and youth. The curl on the edge of the lips makes me look a little knowing but also happy.

These exquisite shoes were hand fashioned by moon Ling. I have tried to get really close so you can see how intricate they are. They are like foot jewelry. She carries them in TWENTY SIX colors. No excuse not to get a pair.

Make Love, Not War

Peace, baby, peace:

Hair: madison brown sugar by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog

Skin: Pulse Skin-Harmony/Mona Lisa-Freckled by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Top: *Sari’s* Tummy Top by Sari Telling for Sari’s

Pants: *Sari’s* Queen of Diamonds Pants by Sari Telling for Sari’s

Bracelets: *Sari’s* Messy Poppy Bracelet by Sari Telling for Sari’s

Slippers: ::: MOON ::: 1001 Nights Harem Slippers COCOA by moon Ling for House of Shaea

6 thoughts on “Make Love, Not War

  1. Have I said I love you blog? I am sure I have.

    Not only do you highlight some of my favorite designers, like Sari, you also introduce me to people I did not know like moon Ling.

    Great post! Now I am going to log in to SL and buy a pair of those amazing slippers.

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  3. Chestnut Rau you are so correct this is an excellent blog and Harper definitely has the ultimate “fashionista nose” and is capable of sniffing out a new, creative, interesting designer anywhere on the grid.

    Actually Harper have you ever thought of running “guided fashion buying trips”?

    I would however recommend you not run the trips in your “Kamikaze Hair Shopping” style.

    Harper may wish to explain “Kamikaze Hair Shopping” at some point in the future.

    Keep blogging and BTW readers my men’s fashion blog “Every Man’s Closet” will be arriving having it’s grand launch in approximately 1 week.

    Keep on Shopping – I mean Linden Dollars are made round to go round :-)


  4. Excellent blog Harper :)) You have such a great fashion sense.. I LOVE this post!!! I may love to go on a guided fashion tour of you have one…not sure of the kamikazee one though :P Rock on, your great :)))

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