Die Happy

Sometimes I want to go out looking wickedly gorgeous, glam and funky and killer hot. It requires a sort of insouciance that comes of big confidence.

Die Happy

I chose this great design from Discord because it had all those features—a theatrical kimono style mixed with futuristic textures and materials. Discord is an amazing find—the clothes are funky, well textured and made, and inexpensive. You want the glamfurlowslungjeanswiththebigbuckle thang? You’ll find it at Discord.

Die Happy

I will admit that this blog was all about the hair. I am wearing michele Oyen’s flowy, messy Serene in a purple that could only be seen out at night with an outfit like this. I visited her store recently and was amazed by the flow of the hair and the great textures. I bought the whole dark pack of Selene’s despite the cost. I just couldn’t resist.

Die Happy

The boots are from Melanie Zhao. Melanie is the queen of prim shoes, crafting them carefully and in a way that makes one marvel as to what can be done in SL. Melanie preceded the sculpty shoe craze and still makes quality pieces, from prims, bottom up.

Die Happy

I am SO going out:

Hair: [SeleneV1][colorD-Series] by michelle Oyen of . sWEET HAIRs . sWEET FACEs .

Skin: Unreleased skin by Lorac Farella of Pulse Skins

Outfit: << Discord >> SHO-HI Black Set by Orange Meili of Discord

Boots: “DESTINY” (BLACK/BLACK) SILVER boots by Melanie Zhao of Zhao Shoes

Listening to Die Happy by Peaches

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