Chocolate Decadence

It’s Sunday. It isn’t time for dieting—in one’s inventory or in one’s tummy. So I went out shopping and did some delicious damage to my inventory, all in the name of chocolate. And when I do chocolate, I want to do it my own way. Today’s episode is brought to you by the words “convenience” and “customization.”

Chocolate Decadence

This beautiful creation from the lovely Sascha Frangilli, Pudding in Choco (which I presume means “chocolate” because today, EVERYTHING means “chocolate,” and chocolate the way *I* want it). Again, Sascha graces us with her sumptuous textures, embroidered, beaded, gathered and poofed. I show several versions of the dress here, all changed by simply swapping out a skirt or the collar with the shawl. See here the “Big Sucker” skirt and below, the “Swooshy” skirt (chosen for look as well as brilliant naming).

Chocolate Decadence

She also offers a trim silhouette in the “Thin Flexi Skirt” and a more casual look with the Mini set included with the dress. This versatility makes an already inexpensive ensemble have even more value AND allows you to customize your look. Don’t you hate it when you show up at a party in the same dress as someone else? Well the chances are statistically much MUCH less likely that will happen when you can customize your dress this way. And you DO see someone in the exact same dress as yours, quickly pull out another skirt and attach it right there on the dance floor.

Chocolate Decadence

I used Siddean Munro’s clever Amazing Hair Colouring Contraption to make this updo a deep and luscious auburn. Buy the hair, click the contraption, get the color you want. You do NOT have to choose at time of purchase—buy three, save them for special events and throw on your color as needed. Customization and flexibility!

Chocolate Decadence

I am showing this with my own custom skin made by Body Politik. It’s custom because their brilliant online skin customizer allowed me to design a skin that suited my tastes and needs. I could see this quickly becoming an addiction for some fashionistas—you need pink lips and silver shadow for that ensemble? Quick, go online to their easy peasy website, design a skin while you’re at work.. log on later to pick it up (they ask for 48 hours—I got mine in less than 1 hour—someone was clearly on the other end to answer the request). The skin is well done—no over-burnished areas, clean seams and beautiful rendering. And I don’t look like EVERYONE ELSE.

Maximillion Grant has done the right thing in SL…he has been promoting his products in world a long time, but he has rolled with the punches rather than shutting down shop in frustration because the world won’t do things his way. He has come up with an innovative marketing tool that is bound to reap him considerable profits, incorporating the web and providing luxurious one-off customization for his customers. Hint hint—LL bought XStreetSL for a reason, kids. A well integrated website/SL mix is a great idea. It’s all about providing convenient choices for your customers!

Chocolate Decadence

Luxury unbound:

Hair: SLink Christina Style Dark Auburn by Siddean Munro for SLink

Skin: TBP Infinity Custom Skin- Harper Beresford CYT-103353 custom made for me by Maximillion Grant of The Body Politik

Dress: SAS –  Choco Pudding by Sascha Frangilli for Sascha’s Designs

Earrings: *la* Tisiphone pendant earrings by Tabitha Ninetails for The Laughing Academy

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