Wild Thing

Sometimes a woman wants to go out and show her best side—put on her sexiest boots and dress, adorn herself with some glitzy jewelry, make-up, and her favorite perfume and go out and WOW the world.

Wild Thing

It’s an easy thing to do when you’re wearing something from Antonia Marat, specifically this Zesty zebra dress. Yes, I know I blogged her earlier this week, but I can’t stop! This time let me tell you about her system pieces.. they are exquisite, especially the skirts. Worn with a skirt shape, her skirts are sexy as all get out. Antonia does great rockabilly but this dress could be worn for partying, being chic, and rocking the club.

Wild Thing

I took on this silly pose to show you how the skirt looks stretched. Some system skirts look really bad when the legs pull them apart—not this one. You can barely tell. Ingenious!

Wild Thing

I styled it with jewelry from Digit Darkes’ new Fall Collection. I really like this necklace because it lacks that slick symmetry that so many show. The textures literally glitter on the necklace and there is a handy color changer that switches it through six different colors. The bracelet is from Anuitka Barthelmess at kraftika, who has some fabulous stuff. You will see more of her jewelry here.

Wild Thing

Boots are from Detour Sideways. I got the color changing set “fat pack” boot so I could get all the colors. These boots have turned out to be a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them more than I care to say. Enough that they have gotten all comfy and worn with use.

Wild Thing

The skin is from Pulse, a very artistic turn from Lorac. She did a series of these Valeries that are beautifully drawn and full of character. These are not anime-style skins with perfect cartoon features; her skins show the beauty of real women. And this is a new flirty short hair I would love to have in real life, from Aska Watler.

Wild Thing

Watch out!

Hair: CriCri-gShort02-B by Aska Watler for Cri-Cri

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T Cream/Delicious by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins*

Dress: /artilleri/ Zesty zebra dress by Antonia Marat for Artilleri

Necklace: Digit Darkes-Lamb Link Necklace-Custom by Ysabel Diavolo and Digit Darkes for Digit Darkes

Bracelet: Bracelet No 301 white&zebra L by Anuitka Barthelmess for *kraftika

Boots: [Detour] Mistress Boots – Multi by Detour Sideways for Detour

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