My Newest Favoritist Gadget

I was thinking about gadgets and scripts today. No, I am not a geek. I just realized there are a handful of scripted gadgets in my life that I use daily. There’s my wonderful facelamp from Cognitive Gears, my teleporter, my Photosphere from Saeya Nyanda, my pose stand, my inventory boxes, my texture organizers, my AO, my Bax Coen boots. There are a LOT of things that make my world a whole lot better.

Well, I got a new gadget from an old friend that is going to be added to that list. Avimote Dreamscape’s new PoseMaker is a revolution for anyone interested in working on their avatar’s poses in world–either adjusting existing poses or creating new ones, using one’s own avatar!

It’s a complex but highly usable system that allows you to adjust 19 different areas of the avatar three ways for each part. That’s uh.. 57 and then uh, each one has many iterations which means… yeah.. uh YOU do the math.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

You can pose your avatar using this gadget or you can tweak existing poses.

Consider this tweak I tried today. I started with the above pose, which always puts my hand in my skirt. I wore the hud, click clicked, and I was no longer looking impossible in RL. Moving the skirt prim would have ruined the outfit—moving my hand was so much easier.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Well and then I click click click click clicked and clicked some more….

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

(BTW, you can’t see the settings in the photos, but they are there. Not sure what SL did with them when I took the photo.)

Here’s another example. I always had a little problem with how the head tilted in this one pose.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Click click, my head is fixed. (Hm.. why does that sound wrong?)

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Finally, you can create poses from scratch. Rez a pose ball using the hud and adjust yourself into place.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Sit on it and zero all. You start in typical appearance mode pose.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Then start clicking. You will find out it’s not as easy as it might seem. (How do I tell the darn thing I just want to put my hand on my hip?!) However, this is after a half hour of messing around—imagine what you could do with a little more time in!

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

He has also included an emoter with the package and a brilliant web interface that launches and logs you in right from SL. I kept clicking and saying, “Cool! Awesome! Smart!”

The downfall of this gadget right now? You can’t save poses. But Avimote is working on a way to save out poses to a website. And as I understand it, he will be working on making a couples poser in the future and allow you to work on other’s poses.

This is only the beginning….

My Newest Favoritist Gadget


Hair: * 0 Style * Mike *Black_M by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Adam n Eve Skin – Mei Li 2 – Aki – Tone 1 by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve

Shape: Custom made by moi

Dress: Vitamin Ci-Nali Sage by Ciera Bergman for Vitamin Ci

Boots: z  [mm] Manolo Boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes

Coolest gadget: Avimote PoseMaker PE 1.02 by Avimote Dreamscape for Avimote (overview here and offered on XStreetSL here)


15 thoughts on “My Newest Favoritist Gadget

    • Right. Because you’re just tweaking their pose–kind of like moving a prim. You aren’t affecting the file that it their pose; you’re just moving an element of your avatar.

    • Yes I believe he’s close to it. And that will be an included upgrade so get it and play and you will have the ability soon. You won’t have to purchase a new one.

  1. Thank you for all the positive comments. It cost us a small fortune to develop the technology on which the PoseMaker series of products is built and it is very encouraging to see that the results are appreciated.

    Harper’s last comment is not quite accurate. We do have enhancements, under development, which will be delivered as free upgrades. However the upgrade from PoseMaker PE to PoseMaker SE has a cost.

    The product which is currently available for purchase is the PoseMaker PE (Personal Edition). This is the entry level product intended for personal use. It only allows you to pose your own avatar and it does not allow the poses to be saved. PoseMaker PE sells for L$2450.

    PoseMaker SE
    Within a few weeks we will launch the PoseMaker SE (Standard Edition). This is the edition which most customers will want. It allows posing of up to four avatars (at the same time) and is supported by our new Avimote Database service offering which provides the, much requested, ability to save poses. I don’t want provide too much detail before the release, but suffice it to say that it is going to come pre-loaded with a library of many poses and we are going to encourage the community to help us grow that library by giving a cash prize to the top-voted contribution each week. PoseMaker SE will sell for L$4450.

    The Avimote Database is a subscription service (we have to pay the monthly costs for disk space and bandwidth). The purchase of any product which uses it will include the first 3 months. After that subscriptions can be renewed at a cost of L$100 per month with discounts for multiple months.

    Customers who purchased a PoseMaker PE for L$2450 will be able to purchase a PoseMaker SE for L$2000 using the customer service terminals in our store. This applies to all future products. We will always credit you the full amount paid for qualifying products if you wish to upgrade.

    Insider tip: Owners of the PoseMaker PE will receive an announcement with a limited time special offer on upgrades when PoseMaker SE is released. You will save at least L$500 on the purchase of a SE by buying a PE now and taking advantage of the special offer.

    PoseMaker Pro
    In 2010 we will launch the PoseMaker Pro (Professional Edition). This product is intended for content creators making poses and animations for resale. I cannot provide any details other than that it will support more than 4 avatars (at the same time) and will generate BVH files both with single frames for poses and multiple key frames for interpolation to create animations in external tools. Given that this product will effectively provide owners with a library of thousands of poses that they can resell, we need to price it out of range of average consumers to avoid devaluing the work of all content creators in Second Life. PoseMaker Pro is expected to sell for L$44,500.

    The Math
    The answer to “the math” is 1,730,137,321,129,980,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That is how many regular poses you would have to buy if you wanted to match everything the PoseMaker PE can do. We are not satisfied and will be adding many zeros to that number. Send us feedback if you find something it can’t do. For example, we have decided that the shoulders need to be able to twist further and will be addressing that with a free update.

    Preview Opportunity
    If you run a well known studio, with a staff of at least one photographer plus four models, have some experience with tools like Poser and QAvimator, and would like to participate in the testing of PoseMaker SE, send us feedback. Be sure to provide evidence that you meet these requirements.


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