A Glittery Winter

It’s no secret that I am friends with Callie Cline. In the past years she has become a good friend, and I truly respect her a lot. I feel lucky to have met her. She really is all that—positive, cheerful, fun, creative, and even crazy.

A Glittery Christmas

When she told me she had put up her holiday goods at her Stereo Vogue sim, I had to run over. (Actually she begged me to see.) I put on the Ally Mini Coat (which she had given me a long time ago when I was just a silly fangirl) with its plush fur collar and fun striped teal textures and her teal “kick shickers” and flew over.

A Glittery Christmas

Callie had created a winter wonderland in typical Callie style—glittering silver trees, bright colored ornaments, whimsical light poles, twirling twisting paths with icy silver bricks, sweet candy canes, and inexplicably, a big ice bunny. (Well, not really all that odd for Callie… Callie has a bunny project going on and well, she’s Callie.)

A Glittery Christmas

I styled my outfit with Callie’s fabulous antlers that have color change ornaments. (A whole slew of the actual ornaments are for sale on her sim as well.) I also wore her big bright blue eyes with a pretty skin from Monicuzza Babenco and blonde hair from Hinano Runo (what other color would I wear in Callie’s clothes).

I have been Calliefornia’d. It ain’t such a bad way to go.

A Glittery Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Hair: = Hal*Hina = [platinum] Hair -elizabeth- /size L by Hinano Runo for Hal*Hina

Eyes: sam’s special custom eyes by callie cline by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine*

Skin: *YS & YS* Zara 12 Marine Light EB by Monicuzza Babenco for YS & YS*

Coat: aLLy cat mini coat by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine*

Stockings: galaxy girl stockings by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine*

Jewelry: the ROCK by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine*

Antlers: HAPPY HEAD WITH BUNNEH LOVE! by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine*

Boots: caLLie cLine -teal “wild kick shickers” by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine

Taken at Stereo Vogue-winter wonderland. NOT under duress.

9 thoughts on “A Glittery Winter

  1. i thought it said… “a clittery winter” and was like OMG what the????? hahahahah…

    you look lovely blonde, lol, even with the *ahem* tan in a bottle, hahahaha, JUST KIDDING… the bunneh project is housing for some new bunneh’s coming out, hehe… “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of… OZ!!!”
    (but i didn’t make the bunneh’s just some stuffs for them with my little muchkin boi, barnesworth anubis, lol)

    ty for the nice post tho! heh, but why didn’t you take a photo up on the pretty mountain? and show candy cane lane, and the huge ornament tree? lol boo hoo, hahahahaahhaha

    oh you know it wouldn’t be a proper post w/o me buggin’ ya.

    and if any poor soul (besides harper) reads this… im me inworld and i shall give you…. something she has on! yes a prize!! woot! hehe.



    • May I just say that you are STILL wearing that outfit today? I mean, statistics say that women in SL change their clothes at least 4 times a day. I know *I* do. What gives, Callie?

      (And it looks like you slept in it!)

  2. Be still my heart! My two secret SLoves in the same blog post, looking like delicious little snow bunnies…

    *slips into a fantasy about a roaring fireplace, a bearskin rug, hot chocolate, and lonnnnng hours of Harper & Callie worship….*

    *Dreamy sigh* … Captivating post as always, Miss Harper. :)


    – D.

    ps. And did I mention that in the fantasy the three of us make a prim baby together and name him Dex Harlie Minotaur? (Feel free to slap me now.) ;)

    • Miss Callie… A man needs to have his dreams! “And you can’t do a thing to stop me…” (Chris Isaak…hahaha) ;)

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