Coriander and Nutmeg

One of my favorite Indian spices is Garam Masala. A mix of spices which varies by recipe and by region in India, it is always blended in a manner in which one spice never predominates.

Nutmeg and Coriander

I am reminded of it because of the fashions of Aradhana Voight. Aradhana is Indio-European—a lady who grew up in Europe in an Indian family, speaking the same language as her classmates but coming from a distinctively different racial and cultural background. The clothing she makes in SL shows that blending of east and west, as it were. She combines elements of sarees with more traditional European or American styles.

Nutmeg and Coriander

Take this evening dress from Aradhana. She visited the bazaars of the market to find the fabric for this dress with its golden patterns and sheer sensuous folds. However, she also cut the skirt up the thigh, added a distinctively Western bow to the hip and a decidedly sexy cut.

Nutmeg and Coriander

I have included Aradhana’s exquisite jewelry with this outfit. Aradhana’s textures contribute to the designs, providing the color and intricacy the jewelry needs. Add to that the pure pleasure of the jewelry. Oftentimes when I wear a necklace, earrings seem redundant or it seems excessive. With this jewelry, there is never too much—each piece is designed with a separate shape but following a similar motif, so piling it on adds layers of complexity rather than overabundance. This is harder to achieve than the average consumer realizes.

I compliment this ensemble with a luscious skin from Monicuzza Babenco and hair from Alexiander Biedermann. (I modified the front curl and pushed it in to let the head jewels show.) Finally, a most luscious pair of Onxy LeShelle’s shoes complete this look, making me sexy from top to bottom.

Nutmeg and Coriander

Garam Masala:

Hair: #AB# Rocio charcoal hair by Aleixandre Biedermann (slightly modified) for Biedermanns Q Hair

Skin: *YS&YS* Adriana Lust 04 Fall EB Dark Hairbase by Monicuzza Babenco for YS & YS*

Dress: :Mashooka: Hope gown {metalred} by Aradhana Voight for Mashooka Designs*

Jewelry: :Mashooka: Aradhana Jewels {gold} by Aradhana Voight for Mashooka Designs*

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Esprit Wine by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

2 thoughts on “Coriander and Nutmeg

  1. Ah! My favorite warm color palette — very nice. And I agree with you about the layering of jewelry with this outfit… it’s complex, but not too much. In fact, I think without the details of glittering gold around the neckline and face, one might focus on the exposure of the (succulent, tantalizing) leg too much. This is a perfect visual balance.

    I am intrigued: When you compose an outfit, how to you begin? What inspires your choices? Do you start with an existing piece or garment from your closet, then go out to find the accessories? Or do you think of a color palette and begin composing from there?

    • Thank you for your compliments, Dex :) :)

      How I go about it is different for each outfit. It might be that someone asks me to review an outfit, as was this case as I had spoken to Aradhana and she sent me this outfit. It was so beautiful, I HAD to show it. Otherwise, it may be that someone suggests a theme, like the winter theme I will be showing for the next few blogs. Or I will find a piece I just have to show off right away, and I will run around to find everything to suit it so I can blog it.

      Then I stand up in the studio and try one of my 25 plus pose stands (all sorted by creator). Then I jiggle with the backgrounds for a good half hour. (PLEASE get that new Photosphere done, you-know-who!) Then I might futz with the Avimote Posemaker for another 15 minutes. And try on about 20 hairs. And take jewelry on and off. And move prims. And all the meanwhile chatting with about 5 people in IM.

      My biggest criterion is that it has to be “good” content. I only really want to show work that is a good value and shows artistic and technical merit. I also want pieces that go together and make sense visually and thematically. I want to show work that pushes the envelop with design in SL and follows the strictures of good design (affordable, innovative, functional, beautiful, etc.)

      And then finally, I have tried to discipline myself to do one blog a day, which has been easy some days and not so easy others. Mostly RL gets in the way, and I have had to give myself some ease on that but mostly I have kept up. The immediacy of that deadline forces some things to be done–like I won’t spend hours editing a photo. And I have to write for each one and make myself work on that writing. I have found that I have come up with some really great stuff as a result of the pressure.

      As I look back over it all, I am pleased with this body of work and it really has been an exercise of love because I really admire the creators I blog as people and as artists.

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