Sometimes I have to push myself to try something new, something not in my comfort zone. That used to be wearing a bikini in SL (yeah, really). Then it was wearing eyelashes. Then it was wearing blonde hair (the day that happened was a major breakthrough). Today it was wearing a skin with BOLD makeup.


Djinn and Tonic, a new collaboration of creators on the newly opened Prosperine sim, offers a line of skins that’s .. well.. brash. When I first wore the skins, I thought the lips were glossy, the eyes were bold, and the cheek makeup was stark. But I started wearing it around, trying on hair, clothes, etc., and I realized it was pretty darn groovy.


The best part? When you buy a pack, you get one skin tone and one eye makeup, but you also get five shades of lipstick, freckles or not, and shaved or not. Therefore, you get 20 skins for one price. I especially like the lipstick option because sometimes you just want to swap out a lipstick and not mess with the rest.

I am showing a dress from a relatively new designer—Mariusz Miliandrovic. Based on Mariusz’ other photos in his little shop, he *ahem* likes the feminine shape. The dress is sexy in the best sort of way—the top is low cut, the back is quite low cut, but the skirt is full and flirty to balance the top and includes a bow. His prim building is good and his use of color fantastic.


I show great boots from Magnifico Miggins here. I have feature Magnifico’s work before. She has come into the SL world with her footwear, and with the quality of it, she should be taking the grid by storm. These boots are a ‘fatpack’ boot, which means they have a hud that changes the colors of the boots. The textures are remarkable.. very real, very rich.


Bold and proud:

Hair: *FRANTIC*  hair – pure black by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions

Skin: [DT] MUA :  Pomegranate, Black [03] by Gin Galtier for Djinn & Tonic *

Dress: Sanguine Summer Rev3 by Mariusz Miliandrovic for 2Dye4

Boots: z [mm] cage boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes *

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