The Primcess Returns

It’s been a long time since I have felt truly myself, but in today’s outfit, Harper has reemerged. I am in my skin, I am surrounded by hundreds of beautiful prims, and I am dressed elegantly.

Primcess Returns

I am wearing one of Lorac Farella’s new Life-Warm skins. I slipped this skin on and immediately I was back to being Harper—the sophisticated, elegant, womanly, sexy Harper I always imagine myself to be, at least. (And I want to know, how many skins can you get this close on and still find stunning?)

Primcess Returns

Lorac has dialed into the right formula with her newly released artistically hand-drawn skins—the eyes are emotive, the lips are full and beautiful without being overblown, the skin is gently blushed but textured with shadow and depth, the décolletage is soft and curvy, and the eyebrows are.. well, you know how I feel about eyebrows. They are perfect! These skins were made for me it feels like, and undoubtedly you, dear readers, will be seeing more of them.

Primcess Returns

I have donned Alienbear Gupte’s beautiful jewelry. Diamonds ARE this girl’s best friend and in this case, so is the beauty of finely worked gold prims and many of them. Alienbear keeps besting herself with each creation—they are more and more elaborate yet contain her signature touches—the beautiful long blooming buds, the gracefully swirling flourishes, the intricately entwined links. (Check out the tiny diamonds in the channels of the bracelet.) This particular set comes with two crowns (one which comes in two pieces due to SL’s prim link limits), a necklace (also in two pieces—yes, this is how many prims Alienbear has put together), two sets of earrings, and a left and right bracelet.

Primcess Returns

Let’s face it—one of the best things about being a woman in SL is that you can have a huge evening gown wardrobe and dress like a princess whenever you want and you don’t feel ridiculous or overindulgent. Sparkle Skye ably sates that need with her gorgeous and elaborate evening gowns. This particular gown comes with a short option, a semi-sheer and a non-sparkling or sparkling skirt.

Primcess Returns

I’m ba-ack:

Hair: ETD Loraine 2 – Crimson by Elikapeka Tiramisu for ETD

Skin: Pulse Skin-Life/Tone 4 Warm m1 by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins *

Dress: *SS* Madame X – Snow by Sparkle Skye for Sparkle Skye Designs

Jewelry: !Alienbear Designs-Azuena Queen & Princess Antique Gold Set by Alienbear Gupte for Alienbear Designs *

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