Rose Garden

Somehow, some way, the snow missed me. (I live near a very large body of water—I can only imagine it was that.) My not very distant neighbors (less than 10 miles away) got pummeled and snow blowers are running all over the Midwest right now. And we’re looking forward to the frigid cold coming our way.

Rose Garden

It’s times like this it’s best to disappear into a fantasy and mine is a fantasy of a beautiful kimono, fresh with roses, wondrously layered with frills and laces, butterflies floating around. The folds of the robe (with a cleverly constructed sculpty) combined with the gathered bow in the back is a sort of virtual origami of colors and textures. This absolutely gorgeous kimono from chichuro Martinek cures the snowbound blues and brings a bit of sunshine to a gray day.

Rose Garden

I styled it with a simply beautiful new skin from Tuli Asturius’ For Your Lips Only line. With its subtly colored lip and bare but beautiful eyes, its freshness perfectly matches this glorious kimono. I topped it with a sweet bob from BettiePage Voyager. Its flat color (this is one of her earlier pieces) might seem a bit cartoony for this ensemble but somehow it works (the simplicity of the cut).

Rose Garden

Paper flower:

Hair: BP* OKAPPA Hair M by BettiePage Voyager for BP*

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (fair/br) F.Y.L.O. taupe by Tuli Asturius for []::Tuli::[] *

Kimono: *RAN*kimono/112set–pretty roses by chihiro Martinek for Handmade*RAN*

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