Feeling Like a Schoolgirl

Truth is, I have been feeling it—fresh and young and excited. That’s because a new year is coming, new opportunities, new ideas. It’s all a good thing. I can’t help but feel positive. This schoolgirl is ready for a new year!


This sexy schoolgirl look comes together with each element playing its role. First we have the dress from Bou Smythe, which is a prim and proper outfit with its peter pan collar and soft gray texture. Then we have the lunchbox, a dollarbie from Ellide Grau. (Packed with peanut butter and jelly, an apple, and a juice box, of course.)


Then we have the beautifully glowing skin from Gala Phoenix. My first purchased skin, way back when, was a Gala skin. It was the state of the art for its time. Then other skins took over the market. But Gala has emerged like.. well, a phoenix.. with a new line of skins. Dewy and girlish, with bee-stung lips and a subtle blush, they are not quite like anything else on the grid.

I wear braids from Parvarti Monday, who makes very beautifully textured and built hair for fri.day. This most recent incarnation is available with a cute stocking cap or with bows as well.


Finally, the deciding factor—the shoes. machang Pichot offers these delectably textured loafers as an exclusive at the Designers United III event. With their not-quite-dowdy bow and sweet laced and flowered ankle socks, they are the ideal for pretty schoolgirls everywhere.


You make me feel like a giddy schoolgirl:

Hair: fri. – Jennifer.2 – Jealous Red by Parvarti Monday for fri.day *

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Geranium 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio

Dress: *Bou!Tique* Grey Flannel Ghosts – The Ladytron Dress by Bou Smythe for

*Bou!tique* *

Shoes: DU<3-ANEXX_VaudevillianShoes/Black by machang Pichot for Aoharu (part of Designers United III until January 6)

Lunchbox: [][]Super Mario Lunchbox Dollarbie by Ellide Grau for 8-BiT ME!

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