Vintage Postcard

Another collection has been released recently that has had a ripple around the grid, this time with the opening of a famous and much lauded sim—the collective of several creative and clearly well-organized artists. It’s an interesting model, as I had commented, and very impressive.

Vintage Postcard

The Tableau sim is, as expected, unexpected and beautiful in a sort of ordinary picture way. It’s great to see the not-so-fantastic, the home of grungy gray snow and quiet streets, rendered in this world of spinning and glowing things. The creators at Paper Couture add a splash of drama to the proceedings with their Winter Collection, again pulling out the stops with interesting experiments with sculpties and flexis, textures, and system pieces.

Vintage Postcard

In fact, one of the things that Ava Lu does brilliantly—more so than most any designer in SL, is use the flaws of the system skirt to her advantage. She blows it out and up, making a broadly skirted jacket for this suit, pulling it over a prim skirt. The skirt, a sculpty, is overblown and gorgeous, evoking the stiffness of taffeta. The textures, especially the “burnt” edges, are luscious.

I show this dress with a very bold and gorgeous skin from Torie Senne. The red red lips pop and work with a sort of interesting frisson with the yellow eyeshadow. That shadow pushes me past a mere vintage look to something else, something I hope more edgy as the folks at Tableau and Paper Couture would have it.

Vintage Postcard

Vintage couture:

Hair: Kin-Nova-[black] by Kin Keiko for Kin

Skin: [Bebae] Fabia > Cinna: 05 by Torie Senne for Bebae *

Dress: p.c; Black Floral SuitGown by Ava Lu for Paper Couture

Shoes: HOC – Chunky Stiletto Pumps by Guu Nishi for HOC Industries

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