Ballroom Romance

If I wanted, I could do a daily blog just about evening gowns in SL. There is such a preponderance of them that the content alone could occupy a person for a year. Why evening gowns? Well, first of all there is the prevalence of couples dancing in SL, particularly at popular spots like Franks and Phat Cats, Bogart’s and Bubbly. It’s not enough to wear a big prim skirt anymore—you have to be really dressed up. Second, the flexi prims that can be put on skirts are just too cool not to make into formal gowns. To see them move, to imagine yourself dancing—it’s one of the most evocative pleasures of SL.

Ballroom Romance

Mami Jewell has been focusing on the evening gown market for a couple years, and her work is growing in excellence. She has included the vital elements of great gowns—beauty, elegance, and sexiness. I saw this one in her store last night and it was a must-have. With its beautifully rendered system top (complete with satiny pulls and wrinkles) and its graceful flowing skirt, this dress is the epitome of all that is right about Mami’s designs. Turn around and the princess neckline easily flows into a low cut back (but not so low I am embarrassed, as I have seen with some gowns). The ribbon tied around the neck is the perfect accompaniment to this gown, accenting the back and tying up the design.

Ballroom Romance

Miu Edman has a few hair styles that I have come to find serve as staples in my wardrobe. This is one of them. This stacked updo with its romantic tendrils works well for most evening gowns, adding height and elegance to any ensemble.

Ballroom Romance

Ready to dance:

Hair: :MIRONE: ADIE V2_cherry by Miu Edman for :MIRONE:

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (fair/br) VIP exclusive by Tuli Asturias for Tuli

Dress: -AZUL- Ingrid Turquoise by Mami Jewell at –AZUL-

Earrings: (Miriel) Countess Earrings – Silver/White Pearl by Miriel Enfield for (Miriel) (No longer available :( )

4 thoughts on “Ballroom Romance

  1. I love the style. I have one that is a totally modest neckline at the front, tight fitting, and swooping away into wickedness at the back. I think it rates as my sexiest dress.

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