I have been reading William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, an exciting, albeit not new book that I put on my iTouch so I can sneak peeks while I am running around. I am enjoying the book greatly, following the path of Cayce Pollard, an advertising consultant, as seeks the maker of a series of video clips released on the Internet.

Cayce dresses in minimalist fashion, wearing only black usually and everything with labels ripped off. I am inspired by her fashion “sense,” though I am not replicating her look with this one. Actually, I bought a couple great pieces recently that need a plain canvas to stand out, so this is what I put together. (I may try to replicate a “CPU”—a Cayce Pollard Unit, which is what her friend calls her basic ensembles but it is a challenge in SL, where everything is so bright.)


Here I show a white shirt, beautifully hand drawn from Salah Axel. I was taken to Salah’s store by a connoisseur of men’s wear in SL, and I was intrigued by the basic white shirt. A staple in RL wardrobes, it’s almost non-existent in SL because it’s so hard to draw white things in SL. Salah pulls it off with subtle shadows and well constructed prim collar and cuffs.


I paired it with jeans from Yaszi Mornington. Yaszi’s jeans for men are some of my favorite in SL, and they fit equally well on women. The wrinkles, the proportion and the saturation of the colors are spot on. I especially like how he has done the sculpty prims at the base, though I would question lining the insides with a gray texture. I compliment them with heavy duty boots from Khai Sinister (that cyberpunk thing I am floating on right now).

I top it all with a simple ponytail from Parvarti Monday and a natural make up from Tuli Asturius. Sometimes you don’t need that much—Cayce finds it unnerving to be overdone herself. The interesting thing is that when designers strip it down to the essentials, you can see whether they really have the chops—textures become highlighted, shapes stand out. You can’t hide behind gimmicks. Both Parvarti’s simple hairstyle and Tuli’s plain skin show their clear talents. I don’t feel any less beautiful because I don’t “bling.”


Stripping it down:

Hair: fri. – Allison.2 – Jealous Red by Parvarti Monday for *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (fair/bl) natural by Tuli Asturias for Tuli

Shirt: *Connors* Dress Shirts –White by Salah Axel for *Connors*

Jeans: Meriken Co. Jeans #201 by Yaszi Mornington for Meriken

Boots: <TheAbyss> NAU Combat Boots [Unisex] by Khai Sinister for <TheAbyss>

Written while listening to “Norway” by Beach House.

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