Heart of Gold

Number four in the series of gifts to give your loved one this Valentine’s to make her feel beautiful.

Heart of Gold

Nicky Ree has graced this blog before with her elegant and beautiful gowns. I would be remiss in forgetting to bring her into the picture. Nicky’s gowns are copy/no trans. If you would like to gift one of her pieces, you have several means: give your sweetie a gift certificate, which are for sale at Nicky’s, purchase on XStreetSL, or drop Nicky a notecard and ask her to send it.

That being said, this particular gown would be a glamorous addition to any woman’s wardrobe. With it’s glimmering, shimmering textures, beautiful shaped skirt, and Nicky’s characteristic sexy highlights and wrinkles (check that back end), this will please the most discriminating lady and her partner.

Heart of Gold

And Nicky doesn’t stop there (she never does). Included in this package is a mini skirt with flirty short prim skirt and a sexy swimsuit. Buying a Nicky Ree piece rarely means you just get the gown—you get a whole set of pieces that enhance your wardrobe and provide several scenarios for getting around the grid.

Heart of Gold

I show this gown with SinSister Charity’s spectacular ama garijus skin for Abyss. I am so pleased that a skin maker has made a skin from bottom up for a woman of color rather than tinting a caucasian skin brown or tan. This beautiful skin shows the features that make this particular lady gorgeous including a somewhat Eastern Asian eye, a fuller nose and wider nostrials and fuller lips. 

Heart of Gold

For your precious gem:

Hair: >TRUTH< Cyndi – crow by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [ ama garijus ][ sunset ][ vixen ] by SinSister Chastity for <TheAbyss>

Dress: *DNR* Mui Magic Gown, Dresses N Swimsuit Yellow by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree

Earrings: *kraftika jewelry No 130 Earrings by Anuitka Barthelmess for *kraftika

Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -gold- by Cerberus Noel for G Field

Sweet song of the day: “I Idolize You” by Lizz Wright

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