Lilly for RFL

This next week or two you will probably only find me blogging RFL Clothing Fair items. That’s because the Fair has over 150 creators donating their time and talents to raising money for RFL (Relay for Life). Each one of the participants has had to pay to be in this fair AND are donating at least FOUR items for which all proceeds go directly to RFL. It’s one of the best charity models I have personally seen in SL—everyone benefits. Kudos to Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starosin!

What is remarkable as you walk around the sims, however, is considering how many 100s of people contributed time and effort and talent to this cause. From Grace Loudon’s absolutely exquisite New Delhi sim to Shaunathan Sprocket’s brilliant London with Trafalgar Square to the kind assistance of people like Samara Barzane and Phoenix Ember,  I am just blown away by how many people put effort into this, and all in the name of cancer research–around the world. (Even though it’s the American Cancer Society, Poppy Zabelin told me at SLCC the monies are actually distributed to worthy research and needs around the world. So if you are not American, this money still probably ends up in your country.)

As you walk around the sims, remember this. Click those RFL Vendors (which were a pain to load for the designers), and remember that 500L you are spending here or there is another $2 for cancer research. Its two bucks towards a few moments of pleasure for you and another step towards helping people with cancer. And please make sure you visit the RFyre store, where my dear friend, Raven Pennyfeather, has a put up a tribute to her father, who just finished a year of chemotherapy. I have been on the phone with her every day through this, and it’s not an easy battle, but worth the fight.

My note about lag: lag is a big factor at the Fair. Please do your best to reduce your script usage when entering the sims. Scripts can be contained in many prim items, like resizable or color changing shoes or hair, AOs, radar detectors, and bling. What appears to be an excess prim issue is REALLY a script issue. Once you remove those prims, you remove those script and the lag. You can also reduce lag on your own end by reducing your draw distance, unchecking avatar imposters under avatar rendering in the custom area of the graphics tab in preferences, and reducing your own ARC. You don’t have to walk around bald and shoeless–you just have to think about what you can do to help the issue. If you want more information about reducing lag, read Taturo Nino’s article for Massively, Gwenyth Llewellyn’s blog for Ana Lutetia, and Joel Foner’s blog.

Finally, when any sim has 50 plus avatars buying things, there will be lag. It’s that simple. The builders, vendors, and planners have done everything they can to reduce lag. Please have patience, plan to shop in off hours, and return again and again.

Lilly for RFL

Delora Starbrook, my lovely friend, will be selling this camisk among 3 other donated items, to benefit RFL. I could go on about the beauty of her textures, the prettiness of the pink with purple and symbolism of it, and how she has several other colors available for sale as well—but I won’t. Instead I will explain that Delora and I met through RFL and while it’s been a hassle for her to participate (PG sims and she has beyond PG content–she has had to edit a lot of her ads to fit the requirements), she has done so happily and sweetly. (Right, Delora?)

Lilly for RFL

I am wearing under this camisk Lorac Farella’s newest skin and honestly, one of the loveliest she has ever produced. Lorac recently had the opportunity to upgrade her equipment and it’s made all the difference. Her Emotional set, which she produced at the request of Mirja Mills, is a complete set but also includes bruised and disciplined skins for role players (not my cup of tea but for RP, you need something). Lorac’s skins are artistic, subtle, mature, and sexy. Her skin tones are revamped so that her darker skins look luscious and her lighter skins are absolutely elegant and gorgeous. I can’t say enough.

Lilly for RFL

Speaking of Mirja Mills, check out her hair. I bought the fat pack for this one because it’s just a lovely style—wild and restrained all at once. To be honest, my hair once looked like this in RL (not the color but the style), and I would be glad to go back. It’s sexy and soft.

Finally we have Zaara Kohime’s exquisite jewelry, right now being sold at the Accessory Fair. You have seen a fair bit of her work in my blogs, dear readers, but I couldn’t pass up on getting this lot and adorning Delora’s beautiful work with Zaara’s equally amazing work.

Lilly for RFL

RFL slave girl:

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * TESSA * / darkred by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions

Skin: Emotional Skin-T4/No.5 by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins *

Camisk: *HD* Lilly – RFL by Delora Starbrook at the RFL Clothing Fair only for Haven Designs *

Jewels: Zaara : Nizam Choodiya (bangles) *white*, Zaara : Nizam Jhumka (earing) *white*, Zaara : Nizam Payal (anklet) *white*, and Zaara : Nizam Payal (anklet) *white* by Zaara Kohime for Zaara

P.S. For the amount of money I spent during preview of the fair, there has to be SOME cancer cell being discovered and killed! Get over here and kill your own cancer cells! It opens March 13 at 3 pm slt.

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