Rise, Gentle Moon, Rise

I had to show another set of items I picked up at the RFL Clothing Fair and the Melt exhibition, combined to make a very interesting look.

Rise, Gentle Moon, Rise

Aradhana Voight has made a beautiful gold dress to benefit RFL as well as being sponsor of the absolutely gorgeous New Delhi sim built by Grace Loudon. With its amazingly shimmering gold textures (making gold look like this in SL is no easy feat) and beautiful silhouette, this Indian-inspired gown is magnificent and sleek for any occasion. Aradhana cleverly adds a feathery optional waist skirt that can also be worn as a separate piece so you can wear the top with pants.

Rise, Gentle Moon, Rise

I show it with this amazing skin from Juliette Westerburg for the Melt exhibition. Again, having the artists combine efforts based on a common theme was a great exercise for all of those who participated. Some, like Juliette really answered the call, in this case using her great skills in texturing to create magical and fantastic skins. I like seeing her go from her “everyday girl” fashions to this more artistic and fanciful skin. It shows the girl has some chops and can think outside that same old box. The hair is a crazy cool piece I bought at Hair Fair last year made by Miranda Milestone. I had never had the opportunity to use until now. It needed an equally cool look to make it all make sense.

Rise, Gentle Moon, Rise

Goodnight, Moon:

Hair: [MC] Moon – gold by Miranda Milestone for Milestone Creations

Skin: -tb- Arctic Ice (blonde brows) by Julliette Westerburg for Tres Blah available at Melt: An Installation on Thin Ice

Dress: :Mashooka: RFL 2010: Isha gown by Aradhana Voight for Mashooka available on the New Delhi sim at the RFL Clothing Fair

3 thoughts on “Rise, Gentle Moon, Rise

  1. I totally agree anyone who can make anything look even remotely like gold in SL is extraordinary talented.

    I too went to Melt, it featured items by a few people I am very honored to say are on my friends list. I am aware a blogger did their usual it is anti-American pro-leftist, pro-Communist blah, blah, blah. Who cares, t me melt was about raising awareness far more than art or fashion.

    I touched on awareness as I am a resident of the Costa Rica Sims, where only too recently a wonderful and far too young geko Stoop lost her battle with cancer in RL.

    If you never met geko her profile is still active and this is what she said about herself in the 1st Life section of her SL profile –

    24yo female Chicago Illinois USA
    All I want in Sl is friendship and fun, Just broke up in RL .
    I have trouble with my SL voice, ill use it when it works , but if you would like to chat I have Skype Video Chat

    Only 24, her entire life ahead of her and gone. If you ever wondered why you should worry about supporting the SL Relay For Life, geko will never be able to wear Aradhana Voight’s amazing dress in SL, nor will she ever wear another dress in RL.

    Harper I hope you do not mind , I would like to say that Giancarlo Takacs, the man behind the Costa Rica Sims has set aside an full 65,000sq m as the geko Stoop Memorial Forest, you can visit anytime – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Puntarenas%201/114/110/36, and he has these words about this very special place –
    “geko Stoop was one of the first residents of the Costa Rica Sims, she was a kind soul loved by all that knew her. She lost her battle against cancer in February 2010 but her legacy will live forever in this forest and in the hearts of all her friends.”

    Should you visit, I ask you please pause a minute at the memorial statue to geko and reflect, meditate, pray, whatever it is that you, do in memory of this very, very brave young woman. I lost a RL son, many years ago, who would now be much older than geko, so I have some idea of what cancer stole from the world.

    If you have never bought anything from a Relay for Life Vendor, please do so this year.

    thank you

    Rory Serpente

    Harper, thank you for allowing me to “sell” compassion on your blog.

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