Alternative Prom

I read a story about a girl who made her prom dress from gum wrappers. I am not entirely surprised. There are kids making prom dresses from duct tape and wearing vintage. Not everyone is a debutante.

Alternative Prom

What does the girl who wants to be punk and pretty all at the same time do? Well in SL, she can put on a wild hair and a pretty dress and she’s set. In this case, the dress is from terian Demina and includes lovely sculpty tulips at the waist and in the hair and a sculpted skirt made of several pieces attached to pelvis, legs, and spine so when you move it’s not all one big solid piece swaying around. It’s pretty and almost vintage. There is an unfortunate disjuncture between the system piece and the skirt. However this gown has plenty of other charming details.

Alternative Prom

The better part of the ensemble is topping it with Vasha Martinek’s funky and fabulous hair. With locks textured not only with regular hair textures but also a sort of netted glowing material, this hair pushes our prom girl into very alternative territory, despite her fresh skin from Tricky Boucher and a lovely lily wrist corsage from SAZAE Yoshikawa.

Alternative Prom

My prom song? Crazy for You by Madonna. What was yours?

Hair: +DV8+ Terpsichore Cyberfalls – Divine Wine by Vasha Martinek for +DV8+ *

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark SK 12 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza

Dress: +HONEY+Dressvol_0051(winered) by terian Demina for +HONEY+

Corsage: (CREAMSHOP) lily bangle (pink) set by SAZAE Yoshikawa for Creamshop

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