Au Naturel

Oh will you take me as l am?
Will you take me as l am?

~ “California” by Joni Mitchell

Au Naturel

I was feeling sort of natural and free because the weather has been summery warm. Pull out the sandals and the shorts and put on something pretty and loose. Barbra and AvaGardner Kungler run a great store with options for mixing and matching a number of different looks. I found this great top with a drapey sort of sculpty prim (I am not always fond of prims around the waist as they look frumpy but this one works). Shorts from Barbra and AvaGardner complete the look.

Au Naturel

I am showing a skin that came to me in a review set from out of the blue. Receiving the package, I ripped it open and to my pleasure found a set of beautiful skins from Trin Trevellion. The skin I show was a natural choice for one who tends towards being a redhead, as I do. I was amazed by the artistry of these hand drawn skins. This set, a fifth generation, shows studied work on the collarbone, lips, eyes, eyebrows and the absolutely beautiful freckles.

Au Naturel

So we can admire the skin a little further on the feet and these great sandals from Yabusaka Loon that include a color changing gem. Douglas Story asked if it was really me in “flats.” Yes, I am taking it easy today, Douglas ;)

Au Naturel

California I’m coming home
Oh will you take me as I am
Strung out on another man
California I’m coming home

Hair: >TRUTH< Poppy – copper by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: -sD- Wichita [Tan.Freckles – Natural] by Trin Trevellion for Sindecade *

Top: (Kunglers) Janis Blouse Mustard by Barbra and AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers

Shorts: (Kunglers) Short Jeans Blue by Barbra and AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers

Choker: SiniStyle Necklace F – Jade Pi ::Infinity:: by Krius Misfit for Sinistyle

Sandals: < Yabusaka > Simple Gem Sandal by Yabusaka Loon for < Yabusaka >

One thought on “Au Naturel

  1. I really like it when you represent diverse people on your blog.

    I’m always so afraid you’ll just showcase the fashionistas and forget about the true gems.

    This shot is very inspiring! Thank you

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