I Thought I Saw…

There had to be a time when I finally succumbed to the neko thing and tried it on for myself. The problem is I am too much of a fussbudget in some ways to subject myself to wearing animal parts.

I Thought I Saw...

Callie Cline and Obryi Nightfire changed that for me with their joint effort on this fluffy kitty tail. Complete with scripts that allow you to choose how it moves, emotes it can do to those around you and what they can do to you in return, the tail is full and fluffy and includes diamonds from Ms. Cline tying it all together.

I Thought I Saw...

No kitty is complete without the ears, however, and the diamond-studded kitten ears that Callie made to go with the tail make the ensemble complete. She ties it all together with several other accessories including a huge diamond ring and diamond bracelet.

I am wearing a skin from Monicuzza Babenco, a sexy tan skin with just the right touches of makeup for making this kitten purrfect.

I Thought I Saw...

Finally I show boots from Cerberus Noel, part of a line of sweet rose-engraved cowboy boots with removable rose decorations currently featured at her store. I bought the whole fat pack. For 800, I got all the colors Cerebus features for one low price.

I Thought I Saw...

A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution.  ~Hazel Nicholson

Hair: booN FKO548 hair black by boo Nakamura for booN

Skin: *YS & YS* Barbara 10 Spring by Monicuzza Babenco for YS&YS *

Dress: * (Elate!) Maria (Plum) by Kellie Iwish for Elate!

Ears: DIAMOND CAT EARS – CALLIE CLINE by Callie Cline for caLLie cLine *

Tail: PN CC Tail Extreme by Callie Cline and Obyri Nightfire for caLLie cLine and Psychotic Neko *

Ring: the ROCK – caLLie cLine – white diamond by Callie Cline for caLLie cLine *

Bracelet: the rock bangle in diamond by caLLie cLine for caLLie cLine *

Boots: *GF* Short Western Boots -white- by Cerberus Noel for G Field

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