A friend asked me today what “smexy” meant. I assumed that it was a combo of “smart” and “sexy.” The Urban Dictionary confirmed my assumption.


It’s a perfect description for JB Gazov’s newest offering—a smexy black leather corset made of separate sculpty pieces layered over system pieces, all offered with a great resizing hud. Between the seductive silhouette, the sensual leather textures, and the truly smart HUD, this corset is a the new generation of smexy lingerie for women in SL. I will note that you should not wear all layers of the system pieces—doing so leaves an odd shadow around the neck.


Note the HUD adjusts and positions the straps, cups, and ribbon on three different axes. I found the outfit fit almost perfectly upon wearing, though I had to push the ribbon in substantially. (I am guessing he left it out there so it didn’t get buried in the avatar.)


Look closely. Can you believe those are prims I am wearing on top? Now that you have taken a gander at that, reluctantly drag your eyes up to my face. Yes, my pretty face, courtesy of Tuli Asturias.  And check my tousled hip hair from Olli Braveheart. Hey, my eyes are up here!


If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie? ~ Shannen Doherty

Hair: [LCKY] Daikirai – black by Olli Braveheart for [LCKY]

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/br) 07a by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Outfit: J’s Lace-up BUSTIRE (Black Leather) by JB Gazov for J’s

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather by Bax Coen for Bax Boots *

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