For My Friends

In light of today’s news about reductions at Linden Lab, I won’t be presenting a blog. I never thought I would find reason not to blog because I enjoy the work of the content developers who contribute to Second Life so greatly, and it has been my goal since I started to provide one outfit a day. However, I simply lack enthusiasm about it right now, thinking of friends who were employed at Linden Lab and who are no longer there, including a dear friend who joined me for dinner just a week and a half ago. The people who have been let go were people who loved Second Life and the medium as much as we do; they were a part of the living breathing being of the organization at Linden Lab. Their absence will be sorely felt by their coworkers and we residents.

In light of Linden Lab’s pithy PR statement that they would be supporting Virtual Goods, it’s about time. I don’t think it was any great secret that “land” isn’t where it’s at ultimately. We fashion bloggers have only been showing them that the fascination, attraction, and desire for virtual goods is high on our list. Perhaps Linden Lab is finally getting it. It’s a shame 30% of their workforce had to be sacrificed until they did.

Black box: A Restructuring by Linden Lab by M Linden


5 thoughts on “For My Friends

  1. Vision, vision, vision — lack vision and you have General Motors, even in todays internet world. The formula does not change. And the working stiffs suffer from lack of a management with no vision and ability to execute it. Nothing changes in fundamentals. Fire the frigging management!

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