Really Fun Librarians

People hear RFL being mentioned all over the grid. Those of us in the know know it means “Relay for Life,” but if you tossed those letters out during some half-drunken party game, what might you get? “Really Fun Librarians?” “Rolling Floor Laughing?” “Rhubarb-Flavored Ladyfingers?” “Radioactive Fruit Larva?” “Raising Furious Leprechauns?” “Radishes for Lunch?” “Really Fat Ladies in Ragged Frumpy Leotards?” “Reghan Fondles Lauraleigh?” (Don’t ask.) “Really Frickin’ Lazy?” (Which is what I was when I asked my pals in “Hey Girlfriends” to help me with this—thank you, Girlfriends.)

Really Fun Librarians

I think it means “Really Flirty Livery.” (OK, yes I am making a stretch here but play along with me.) Elle74 Zaftig is donating this entire outfit for the benefit of RFL at the Fashion Fest. With 9 sims and some 100 designers offering hair, jewelry, clothing, shoes—the fest has anything your avatar could desire with donations by each designer for RFL (“Relay for Life,” not “Righteously Fantastic Lovers”).

Really Fun Librarians

Elle’s outfit is an especially good find because it comes with EVERYTHING you see on my avatar (minus the hat, which is attached to the fantastic hair from Kookie Lemon). You get the flirty minidress, laced up the back with a bow on the curve of the butt, the bracelets, and the cute boots, also laced up the back.

Really Fun Librarians

I show the ensemble with a new skin from Mea Carnell. Mea is putting her full effort into making skins for the avatars of SL, trying her turn at a little different look with shimmering lips and very drawn and not highly made-up eyes (this was probably the heaviest eye makeup in the set I have). I loved the pastels with the white hair. It makes for a cute chic look.

Really Fun Librarians

Attend the RFL Fashion Fest, hosted by the All-Star team, from July 2, opening at 4 pm SLT through July 11, closing at 10 pm SLT:

Hair: *Kookie*  Kate Hair – vanilla yoghurt by Kookie Lemon for *Kookie*

Skin: Aimesi Skin Leona Cashmere Face4 by Mea Carnell for Aimesi *

Outfit (including boots): _Bell_Lace Party Dress – Purple by Elle74 Zaftig for Bellissima! found at the RFL Fashion Fest *

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