Some days I am convinced we come to SL to create the tragedy and drama we don’t have in our own lives. This doesn’t diminish the pain people truly experience—the pain of the death of a loved one or lost hopes or the pain of physical illness. Rather, we come to SL to make stories that are human-based rather than based on natural causes. That’s why drama has such a good hold here—it’s what propels the narratives in our minds.


Sascha Frangilli’s newest creation—Wicked Swan—is a perfect accessory for your tragic moments. With its huge full skirt, subtly glittering brocade texture, elegant bodice and opera-length gloves, this beauty will fill all your nights with the drama you desire.


Add to the drama Hart Larsson’s newest skin, Candy. These have been several months in development and Hart, who enjoys painting in his other life, has crafted beautiful and evocative skins. This make up in particular, matches the drama ideal. I especially appreciate the subtlety of the pushup option (which I wear here). It’s perfectly appropriate for a bodice such as this to show more lift and this option is not crass or overdone.


“Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live.” ~ Robert Francis Kennedy

Hair: Tukinowaguma Jelena ebony by KateForster Akina for Tukinowaguma

Skin: [PXL] Candy NAT Drama DEB with [PXL] Candy NAT PushUp by Hart Larsson for PXL Creations *

Dress: SAS – Wicked Swan Formal Version by Sascha Frangilli for Sascha’s Designs *

Jewelry: Donna Flora ASIA black set by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora

2 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. Some days I am convinced people write blog posts about tragedy just so they can have an excuse to wear their fancy runny mascara skin.

    It, by the way, is a beautiful skin… but it’s not YOU. I know, I know, who the hell am *I* to think I know who you are supposed to be or supposed to look like. And anyway, I suppose as a fashion/blogger/model you’re supposed to be a sort of corporeal tabula rasa…

    I guess somehow I’ve just fixated on that lady in your profile pix… with the big (in a good way!) head… and the slender neck… and the freckles… and the radiant, tumbling, enveloping red locks… when she’s not in your blog… I always feel a little bit empty…

    So anyway… I lost track of whether or not reader-indulgence-week already came up this week or not, but I think it’d be pretty cool to do a week of posts where that shape/skin/hair/eyes modeled everything you wanted to show… so instead of seeing how we could change our bodies to fit our clothes… we could see how the clothes fit OUR bodies.

    It’s an interesting question… when you can change your shape without gyml/diet/surgery.. but just with a slider… is there a reason to have constancy? Is there a reason to change? What IS identity in a age/world where “Extreme Makeover” is a “button” or a “line of code”

    When you can change your skin without harmful UV rays… change your hair without bleach, dye, or much expense… should we be one constant person every day? Or a different person every day? A different species every day? Why have corporeal bodies in an incorporeal world? Can you have a spirit… an essence… a soul… without a body? Can you project that personal essence to others without a body? Was the answer different in 1910 that it is in 2010 than it will be in 2110?

    Hiiiii Harper!

    Ahem… I might be riffing a bit! :P

    So many ideas from one “little” fashion blog. Oh BTW, it IS a very pretty dress. I love that it’s wider than you are tall.

    Keep up the great work lady.

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