One Year

What’s one year? It’s really a blip in the greater world, a very small increment in a long long long time of infinity. It’s also the time it takes a tree to make a complete cycle from green leaf to green leaf or for a little boy to grow 3 inches and learn how to read Magic School Bus on his own. It’s 365 days or 52 weeks and change or 8760 hours or 525600 minutes or 31536000 seconds, if you have to be pedantic. It’s also how long my blog has been going.

I have created in total 365 posts (a few not of my own making, a couple twice in a day and three days missed—one for my mom’s surgery and two during SL7B). Akismet has protected me from 5526 spam comments and 761 comments have been approved. I have accrued 1763 tags.

It’s been quite an amazing year for me. I started the blog for various reasons: I was helping head the fashion bloggers group that Callie Cline started, and I had a few suggestions for the bloggers in the group. Some balked at them, so I decided, ok, I am going to see how hard these suggestions are to do. (They included blogging on a regular schedule with a consistent format, honestly referencing creators, linking slurls, and making photographs that were clear and honest but also compelling.) And I had a very full inventory that needed showing off.

I found that the blog has done several things for me, least of which is to bring an obsessive discipline about writing in my life, which I very much needed. Every single day I have to write, whether I like doing it or not. Some days my writing is inspired; some days it’s disappointingly flat. But every day I am compelled to do it; if I miss, I feel miserable.

The payoff has been great in other ways. It has also made me quite a few new friends–designers, readers, fashionistas–and has given me the opportunity to work out some thoughts I had about SL, about fashion, about representation, about being a virtual citizen. And I have had the privilege to review work by some of the best and brightest of SL. (At this point I was going to make a list but it was tremendously long. Let me just say, thank you, dear designers, for contributing items for this blog and being willing to be seen through my eyes.)

One topic I have explored on this blog is the idea of identity and the representation of identity in SL. Of course, a lot of the blog is about my identity, but often I have tried to think of other “characters” and “persona” existing in SL, especially men, lesbians, and people of color (none of which I am). (Oh, and a pig.. yes, I was a pig once.) I intend to keep doing this. I think it’s important that I represent the world that uses SL—diverse in color, culture, lifestyle, and belief.

I also intend to invite new guest bloggers. SC Tracy was kind enough to contribute a few blogs during the year, but now I will be reaching out to friends who have contributed to my life and who have an interesting perspective on SL. I think you all will find identity and the virtual fashion that helps shape it is a many-splendored thing.

If you have been a regular reader, thank you.

If you are reading back, keep reading back.. and read forward.

Thanks for a great first year!

10 thoughts on “One Year

  1. It’s not that long time that I follow you, but I enjoy your posts, always interesting :)
    Happy Blogthday! ;)


  2. Congratulations on your discipline and thanks for such a good blog. I was curious so I thought I would ask.
    What do you think of the tips given you when you were new to blogging ie blogging regularly with a consistent format, referencing creators, linking slurls, and clear photographs? I would love to read your blogging tips and fashion blogging tips – ie what the process is and how much or the advice given out on regular blogs apply to SL blogs.
    Anyway I am a regular reader but if you feel like a blog post on the topic I would be read it avidly. No matter thanks for a great blog.

    • Those tips weren’t given to me (“blogging regularly with a consistent format, referencing creators, linking slurls, and clear photographs”)… I gave them to other bloggers and when they said, oh that’s too hard, I decided to try it myself. Doing the slurls IS tedious.. I admit–but doing any hyperlinks can be. I think it’s only right. Part of the blog’s function is to introduce readers to new creators and they should not have to hunt around to find an item. As a marketing person for a content creator, I believe it’s the least a blogger can do. As a reader, I really don’t like seeing something I want to buy with a vague name and no reference to the creator or a slurl.

      What is more interesting would be to investigate the “mission” or motivation of different bloggers. My mission and intent is probably different others. ;)

  3. bit late with this cos ive been away but ive always enjoyed your blogs Harper – thanks for doing them! , the photos are always a delight and the script entertaining and creative – keep up the wonderful work and congrats on your year :)

  4. Bravo, Harper! You’re succeeding on several levels with this blog. Good for you! I may get a week behind here and there, but I always come back to this site to get caught up (and to ‘hear’ your voice again). Bravo! xo

  5. A bit late too… but congratulations indeed :) I have to admit that a year ago or so I decided to at least keep in touch with the SL fashion world, but I’m a pedantic snob and actually like to read well-written articles by a professional blogger… When I heard that you started to do fashion reviews, I was intrigued… and became an irregular reader (but one always happy to come back!)

    Also, I love your pictures :) Really… it amuses me to see so many fashion bloggers that have poor photography skills. After all, it’s all about showing off, in the best possible way, how cool the clothes look. Even I know that :) But apparently not every writer in the fashion business is aware of that. So, well, professionally-written articles and consistently good photos… that’s what makes me return over and over again!

    As said, congratulations! I hope you continue to feel encouraged to continue your work here :)

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