20,000 Leagues

“The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides.” ~ Jules Verne

20,000 Leagues

It’s clear Eshi Otawara needs a trip to the beach. She has come out today with a set of gowns based on being in the ocean, near the floor—20,000 leagues under. With her fantastic Japanese-influenced fish and fronds of kelp, she has constructed a dress of fantasy, complete with rising bubbles (courtesy of Arminasx Saiman) and a beautifully constructed sea urchin hat. She has made a limited edition version of this dress as well.

20,000 Leagues

The skin is from Brendon Papp, who has recently come out with a new set. For some reason I like to wear Brendon’s skins with Eshi’s work. They are delicate and otherworldly—a good counterpoint to Eshi’s bold work.

20,000 Leagues

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace. ~ Kate Chopin

Hair: fri. – Amelia.2 – Delighted Blond by Parvarti Monday for fri.day *

Skin: !Imabee: Stigma – Umeko – Solid Gold / LTbrow / by Brendon Papp for !Imabee

Dress: Kelp Dress (gold) by Eshi Otawara for Eshi Otawara *


6 thoughts on “20,000 Leagues

  1. Eshi has indeed made a limited edition version of this dress, 15 to be precise, named Royal Kelp, at L$7,000 each.

    My SL friend purchased #1 only to discover Eshi had used attachment points which share that used by shoes.

    My friend IM Eshi to ask for assistance in realigning what is a complex skirt arrangement, skirt arrange is my male terminology and may be incorrect however it portrays the the pieces I refer to.

    Unfortunately Eshi Otawara’s concept of customer service seems to be restricted to telling to customers who purchase a L$7,000 dress – quote – “everyone knows you cannot wear shoes with my dresses” and then to do it them self.

    Should the customer dare, as my friend did, say to Eshi they would like some assistance they receive what Eshi herself told me she considered satisfactory customer service which is Eshi calling the customer a – quote – “lazy bitch”.

    When I last saw Eshi, she had a beam from hand to each of the remaining 13 dress boxes, each of which quickly disappeared. I can only assume she was taking them into inventory to fix the problem.

    Unfortunately my friend has been offered neither a correctly fitting dress or a refund.

    I will state openly after the total lack of customer service and support from Eshi to my friend I went to Eshi’s store and said in Local Chat to anyone looking at the the Royal Kelp, L$7,000 each Limited Edition hat they should be aware they could not wear shoes with them. I have the Local Chat log should anyone either dispute or wish to confirm this.

    Eshi’s reaction was to ban me from her store.

    I sincerely hope this comment is published, and not deleted.

    I have supplied my name and email should any reader wish to discuss my comments directly with me.

    Rory Serpente rserpente@gmail.com

  2. oh and – the dress has NOT been pulled off the shelf – you could not see them because your low draw distance from where you landed when i threw you out for trolling my sales in front of other customers. :)

  3. Eshi if I have a low distance, can you explain why I could see the “edit beam” from your hand to the boxes, and the boxes disappear one by one. My draw distance is 525 meters BTW, machine specs below.

    I TOTALLY DENY I ever said or threatened to “destroy Eshi Otawara brand through blog comments” or Eshi Otawara i.e. yourself for that matter.

    Indeed when my friend and I entered your store my words to you were “Eshi I am so glad you are back in SL”.

    Eshi you have a blog of your own, if I said what you claim please publish it there.

    This is a fashion blog. I made a legitimate comment in relation to the limited edition of the dress blogged. If you want to engage in personal word battles, fine but this is NOT the place for it and I will be making NO further comment on this matter on this blog.

    my machine specs are –
    Processor – Intel® Core™ i7-930 4MB
    Memory – 16GB DDR III 1333MHz SDRAM (Max 24GB)
    Graphics – EVGA GTX 480 1GB PCI-e with factory water cooling block

  4. You did not buy any dresses from me. Customer service was not for you anyway.
    /me hands you a liquor bottle and taps you on the back.

  5. WOW $7,000L for a dress that looks like a cartoon image? Now I do like how Eshi designs her stuff, but this is just plain crazy! In a time when the economy is rotten and sales are down in SL, how the heck does someone think that this dress will be a hit and sold of all 15? I am guessing that there are still 14 left in the store, even though it is a “limited” edition I still can’t see that it will fly off the shelf. Customer service is what blows me away here, and if it was me I would be kissing the customers ass to help her at 7k!

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