Come Undone

When the day is done
And they lay me down to rest
Everyone will see
I loved you the best
When all is said and done
It’s simple and it’s plain
and if I had the chance
I’d do it all again.

She's Come Undone

Sad news for some in SL today, which is why I am wearing green. I actually wanted to find an outfit that illustrated the lyrics I show on this site, which now have a sort of double meaning considering some people’s love affair with the green (one I have never had, but then… I always preferred the white). I styled a bit punk, one who is a bit defiant. How come being that way always ends in tears?

I wanted to show a woman coming undone, and after an inspection of Delora Starbrook’s store, I found this top, which is made of ragged strips of cloth, wound tightly around the body (with *perfect* seams, as you can see). I show it with ripped stockings from Xaida Fang (only 10L!) and Doc Martin-type boots from Gospel Voom. I am digging the fingerless gloves I purchased via a search on XStreetSL from Yuli Orman. While their texture is photosourced, it’s styled well across the sculpties that make up the hand and arm portions of the glove.

She's Come Undone

The skin is a teary-eyed rendition from Tuli Asturias’ new Audrey line. I show without the alpha lipstick layer. I really REALLY hope we see that feature in another browser soon. Lolli Munster made the hair, and I am hoping we’ll see her at Hair Fair this year. Her profile says she’s back. I love her punky, dark, outrageous styles.

She's Come Undone

I can’t get
Close to you
I come undone
Babe, I come undone
“Come Undone” by Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

Hair: *HoM* Axel – *Reds* by Lolli Munster for House of Munster

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 1/br) :: 08 by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Top: *HD* Tory Rags – Olive by Delora Starbrook for Haven Designs *

Gloves: (Yuli)- GX Fingerless Gloves by Yuli Orman for YULI

Stockings: >< Xaida >< Stockings Ripped & Socks by Xaida Fang for Xaida

Nose Ring: Made by me

Tattoo: Personal—made for me by Bethanyy Jewell

Boots: [Docs] 8 Hole – F – BLACK by Gospel Voom for [Gos]

P.S. When you read this I will be landing in Florida to see my wonderful friend, Raven Pennyfeather. Yay!


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