Autumn Heat

I am waiting for that little last burst of summer before autumn really kicks in, when the air is warm with a touch of chill, the sun is golden through the leaves and summer gives us her final burst of beauty before leaving. It hasn’t come but when it does, I know what to wear.


AvaGardner Kungler has just come out with this wonderful dress, a combo of abstract texture with a beautifully rendered silk top. Leave it to AvaGardner to create the top asymmetrically with two pieces of silk criss-crossing and wrapping around to the back. Her texture work is superb with shadows and puckers correctly rendered and a sheen that is there but not so overt we are conscious of it. The mini skirt moves well with the avatar and lines up PERFECTLY. (She took on a challenge with her horizontal stripes and knocked it out of the ballpark.) I was looking at some of the real life stuff from fashion week in New York and realized that drawing it in SL would not be very easy. I think AvaGardner could pull it off.


I show this dress with the smokin’ hot skin from Tuli, her latest line. (Check out my new profile photo in-world–I wear the same skin.) I love the lip colors available on the tattoo layers, but I am still worried about expecting all customers to use clients that employ alpha layers. I tried another viewer—Impudence this time—so I could get the alpha layer. I still crash in it more than Snowglobe, especially when I take photos, but I like it other than that.

The necklace is from Julia Merosi, who has set up shop on Bax Coen’s sim and is making lovely jewelry. This necklace has color changers that can change different sets of beads so the combinations are endless. The earrings are from Bella Bombast, who has quite a great collection of jewelry and fashion with African influences. And my shoes? Ms. Siddean Munro loves my feet and I love hers. This sexy pair comes with two huds—the standard one for changing skin tone (totally easy to use, even for dorks like me), nail color and shoe size and then another for changing the color of the gems.


It was Indian summer, a bluebird sort of day as we call it in the north, warm and sunny, without a breath of wind; the water was sky-blue, the shores a bank of solid gold.
–   Sigurd Olson

Hair: >TRUTH< Cindy Streaked – burgundy by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 3/br) :: 05 with []::Tuli::[] Audrey t3 – dark 8 matte by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Dress: (Kunglers) Sandra – apple dress by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers *

Necklace: ::je::suis::boheme::necklace by Julia Merosi for je suis…

Earrings:  -=UZURI=- Dalya Ear Rings by Bella Bombast for UZURI

Nails: [ Love Soul ] Posing nail*Oval-Natural* by BlueStarRUI Villota for [ Love Soul ]

Shoes: SLink Mikaela Shoes Bronze by Siddean Munro for SLink

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