Saffron Skirts

The light is golden in the trees right now; summer is giving us her one last tease before it rains, the leaves all fall off the trees and winter comes to us. I am relishing every moment.

Saffron Skirts

This beautiful skirt from Zaara Kohime reminded me of that gold through the leaves of the trees. With her lush colorways, terrific patterns and rendering of the skirt with all its wrinkles and its uneven hem, Zaara once again wows. I especially like the high waist on this skirt with the ties around the waist and the ruffled prim at the top.

Janie Marlowe has opened a new store called Jane (terrific branding). She offers basic separates that reflect the sort of “emo” aesthetic that is popular among a certain subset in SL—pastel, grungified shades on frumpy sweaters and knit tops—kinda like what people are really wearing when they are at the computer. Janie can’t keep from making it pretty though and this top has great shadowing with a pretty lace on the top.

Saffron Skirts

Finally I show two designers’ pieces from the Jewelry Fair. First, Mouse Mimistrobell has grown by leaps and bounds with her jewelry work. This is what happens when someone keeps working on it—soon the prims do what she wants rather than her doing what the prims want. Her jewelry is beautifully antiqued and nostalgic. This choker (and thank you for the choker because sometimes that is just what I want) has beautiful metal textures and an exquisitely prickly dried-flower shape with a stone center. I love the organic shape worked with a metal—so ingenious.

My ruffle bracelet is from Evijan Cazalet, who has a relatively new store. She offers stones (great textures) on chains, artistic bracelets and this ruffled number which comes with a color changer for the ruffles, so you get 9-for-one without all the inventory. (And her prices are VERY reasonable.)

Saffron Skirts

“I remember a hundred lovely lakes, and recall the fragrant breath of pine and fir and cedar and poplar trees. The trail has strung upon it, as upon a thread of silk, opalescent dawns and saffron sunsets.” ~ Hamlin Garland

Hair: *eha~ Rin Orange M by Salut Erin for *eha

Skin: Glance-Bruna-Brown by Joakim Asbrink for Glance *

Top: jane.femme.lace chocolate by Janie Marlowe for Jane

Skirt: Zaara : Trishna print skirt *sunset* by Zaara Kohime for Zaara

Necklace and Earrings: Dark Mouse Milkweed Necklace – Copper and Dark Mouse Milkweed Earring – Copper by Mouse Mimistrobell for Dark Mouse, available at the 2010 Jewelry Fair *

Bracelet: EVICA – Ruffled Bracelet – Black Leather by Evijan Cazalet for EVICA, available at the 2010 Jewelry Fair *

Shoes: J’s Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals ORANGE BROWN by JB Gazov for J’s

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