The Out-of-Towner

When you read this I will be long gone, out of town, enjoying the pleasures of a full-amenity resort, while you, dear reader will be stuck at home in your jammies, reading my blog. (Actually, ok… it’s a water park we’re going to, and I don’t swim. Don’t envy me TOO much.)

the Out-of Towner

So while they swim, I will be out and about shopping. I realize this is not resort wear per se, but I am one of those uptight city ladies, ‘k? I don’t *do* flip flops. This jacket from toraji Voom is perfect for a weekend “in the country,” as I prefer to think of it. Woolen and warm, tailored and worn, this jacket travels well from city to country and back. I wear a swingy skirt from como Setsuko, flirty and autumnal and fun. Warm tights from Visa Volare keep my legs warm as the season turns to the cold.

This ever-versatile scarf from hiwinyu Fazuku keeps my neck warm. (Now, when I went to Paris, I wondered about scarves around the neck—were they fashion or function? I found out that one scarf around the neck can keep a person very warm without having to put in a heavy coat.) Yes, I realize my purse from Irie Campese is huge. I have my knitting in there, thank you, my iPad, kleenex, money, credit cards, sunglasses, a bottle of water, a granola bar, brochures, a map, umbrella, gum.. and a bundle of receipts ;)

the Out-of Towner

My skin is beautifully provided by Joakim Asbrink, who fashions her skins after international stars with a few change-ups. This one, named after the elegant First Lady of France, has beautiful autumnal coloring. The eyebrows are well shaped, the eye makeup is artistically done. My earrings are from Abraxxa Anatine’s skillful hands, certainly a pair that might be found in a high-end art jewelry shop on my travels. And I keep my new hair from Truth Hawks in place with his ingenious color-change hair band.

the Out-of Towner

(I won’t really be shopping—probably sleeping and knitting and reading books by the pool.)

Hair: >TRUTH< Nadine – auburn by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Glance-Bruna-Brown by Joakim Asbrink for Glance *

Jacket: **DP**yumyum tweed jacket : brown by toraji Voom for **DP**yumyum

Top: ::P:: Petunia Maia Tank, Bronze by Aree Lilibub for Petunia

Skirt: Yozoh* Koizora ( girl from asia ) by como Setsuko for Yozoh

Scarf: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf by hiwinyu Fazuku for ::[ Mr.Poet ]::

Tights: Twosome – harvest tights . gold by Visa Volare for Twosome

Earrings: EarthStones Karin Earrings – Fire Agate by Abraxxa Anatine for Earthstones, available at the 2010 Jewelry Fair

Purse: {SMS} Short Strap Tote Tomato no pose by Irie Campese for {SMS}

Boots: *GF* Short Lace-Up Boots –Brown by Cerberus Noel for G Field

5 thoughts on “The Out-of-Towner

  1. Beautiful season styling, Harper!

    Will need to go and have a closer look at the boots, very cool.

    So far I prefer you with the Tuli skin of the other day :)

  2. I lied. I went shopping. I went all out too. Eek! As for the skin, I like to switch it up on my looks though if you look through my blogs in the past I definitely skew heavily towers Tuli ;)

  3. Okay Bloody Adorable Match up there girly. Well done! And Scarf around the neck is for more than just keeping warm. :) When you’re travelling, it can have tons of uses. I almost always tell tourist women in Egypt “No. You don’t have to cover your head, but wrap a scarf around your neck. You’ll thank me later.” And they always do. Whether from an impromptu trip to a mosque that requires them to cover their head; to walking along the corniche and using the scarf to keep their hair in check in the unruly wind; or Staying out late and not being prepared for the temperature drop at night; to not having time to swing back by the hotel and needing to look nice for dinner. A scarf is one of the single most useful travel tools you can have.

    And a big purse makes sense. I have what I thought was a fairly large bag in RL. Travelling though? It was full before I knew what had happened. Kleenex, First Aid Kit, Wet wipes, Sunglasses, iPod, iPhone, Trinkets, Snacks.. and the eight billion random things my Husband shoved in there.. (I found FOUR Cell Phone Chargers when I dumped my purse later!!). So Bigger is definitely better.

    • Ha! I forgot to mention that I carry everything for everyone else too! As for the scarf, I failed to mention that I like to tie it on the strap of my purse when it’s too warm to wear, which just looks pretty and keeps my purse tied shut from pickpockets.

  4. Oh I understand the chameleon, and still finding a new side in oneself, hehe. Personally I am a “I need to feel at home in this skin” type of person and have had the same shape since 2007, tweeking here and there, and wearing Laq and League as skins. I am trying them all for consulting, shapes and skins, and there are a hand full that are friggin outstanding.

    What I truly like about your blog is the not avarage gown/best selling type of outfits, but lovely new ideas, mix and match, and unique looks. Please keep it up!!

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