A Good Old-Fashioned Murder

I received a note the other day that Dick Wiesel had been murdered. Now, being this was SL, it was clearly virtual murder and being that the man behind the avatar left a long exposition in my blog, I was pretty certain he was still alive. However, for fun, let’s pretend he’s dead and Ryker, his partner, is on the path of vengeance. (Be careful folks. She shoots first and asks questions later.) Our girl here seems a likely suspect.

A Good Old-Fashioned Murder

First we have to ask about motive. Considering Dick is offering a whole slew of nice items during this promotion, including this dress, I think we can safely conclude motive. Our woman is wearing the final prize for the murder mystery, the belted miniskirt Nomi Jean Dress. Please note the fine original template work, the grungified jean texture and the stitching along the hem and wicked wrinkles. Best of all is the belt—well constructed and textured, the belt makes the dress. And the dress makes a girl desperate, and no man, not even Dick Wiesel can get in her way when she wants one like this.

Her jacket? No sign of struggle or gunpowder. Good thing too because sunami Beck has made a cute short leather jacket that can be worn again and again as a pop of color for any outfit. The 80s feel to this jacket (epitomized by the turquoise and those angular studs on the collar) make our killer either retro or horribly behind the times. Or perhaps she’s so chic she is deadly..?

A Good Old-Fashioned Murder

She’s a cool one, isn’t she? Not a drop of sweat on her brow after doing whatever she did to poor Dick. Her calm demeanor is provided by Kira Ahn from the Dressing Room Blue. With her glowing clear skin (unlike her  conscience), our potential killer could almost be accused of killing with her good looks. Add to the look her wild and wavy hair from Truth Hawks, and we are looking at a woman with danger on her mind.

A Good Old-Fashioned Murder

Finally, our sexy suspect is traipsing around in a pair of nut Barak’s new Crush pumps, and these are the key to the means of murder. Check out the details on these beauties–the platform sole, the sheen of the leather, the piping, and of course, the chains. What nut fails to tell in his informational notecards (about resizing, LOD factor, bleah bleah bleah) is that the stainless steel heel is hollow and can hide a very interesting treasure.. and weapon. Remove the heel and you can tuck in a syringe with enough sedative to fell an elephant—or Dick Wiesel ;)

A Good Old-Fashioned Murder

Dick and Ryker have set up a whole entertaining murder mystery (which has nothing to do with my silly story above), complete with HUD (programmed by Ryker—what can’t she do?) and little gifties along the way at Skull Creek. Bored some night? Check it out.

Hair: >TRUTH< Bebe Streaked – auburn by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [dekade.] Skins_Dahlia_sunkissed_db_Hair_TDR#7 by Kira Ahn for [dekade.], available at the Dressing Room Blue

Jacket: Emery – Jacket Sheena #Tdrb by sunami Beck for Emery, available at the Dressing Room Blue

Dress: :. WoE .: JD-01 Nomi Jean Dress by Dick Wiesel for :. WoE .: *

Shoes: #OC# Crush – Azure – Box by nut Barak for Orange Creations *

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