Critical Mass

She clicked the first air interchange on, clicked the second, the third, felt them all shunt open and heard the low hum of the mechanicals gearing up. Lights flickered on, popping in sequential strings of glowing red gems across the control panel. The vents slowly opened, pushing the first breaths of fresh oxygen into the cabin where the dormant residents lay.

She checked her belt. Her carbon-blade set was available, her electro-mace charged and unlocked. While she hoped she wouldn’t have to use them, the doctor warned of disorientation upon awakening, and she wanted to be prepared.

The first resident stirred…

~ from “Critical Mass,” an unpublished and mostly unwritten science fiction novel by Harper Beresford

Critical Mass

I secretly read science fiction and fantasy. I am not an avid reader but a grazer, interested in strong characters, deep thought, interesting landscapes, new cultures. Sometimes it’s fun to think about new worlds, and the very avid RP class in SL does just that. One of the best stores for such folks is run by Bryce Randt and Eclipse Lykin.

This newest offering by them, available tomorrow, shows Bryce’s newest work in 3DMax as he bakes on the textures with shadows, skillfully building the prims and pieces in SL after his work. It’s truly a piece of wonder and if you’re waiting for someone else to get back from their afk break before you resume role playing, you will most likely spend your time camming around the outfit, fascinated by the details—the buckle on the cape, the three knives tucked in the back in the belt, the pouches on the side, the laced fly. It’s a fascinating graphic journey—each exquisite detail opening up another potential story.

Critical Mass

I really like Hart Larsson’s new line of skins with their Asian features and beautiful coloring. Hart has blessedly drawn the nose wider (rather than the unrealistic Michael Jackson pinched nose I unfortunately see on so many skins for women of color) and smoothed out the skin. Hart approaches the tattoo layer differently than other creators—rather than giving you one eye makeup on the skin with lipstick options, he gives you one lipstick on the skin and you purchase the eye makeup options separately. This allows you to customize your skins as you please, swapping out say, a cat eye with red lipstick to a smoky eye with wine lipstick. You ostensibly create your own makeup set in this manner. For example, you can purchase the wine lipstick skin as I have here and purchase several eye makeup options to create your own fat-pack.

Critical Mass

For me science fiction is a way of thinking, a way of logic that bypasses a lot of nonsense. It allows people to look directly at important subjects. – Gene Roddenberry

Hair: POISON ponytail/plum ( resizable / no rezz ) by Mirja Mills for Emo-Tions

Skin: [PXL] Kasumi SK WineLips with [PXL] Kasumi SK Smoke Eyes by Hart Larsson for [PXL]

Outfit: ED-Crucible-F by Bryce Randt and Eclipse Lykin for Eclipse Development *

Boots: Adam n Eve Boots Sleek by Damon Gorilla and sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

6 thoughts on “Critical Mass

    • Well I will tell you this shape is an Asian shape I made for skins like Hart’s. I use it pretty consistently when I perceive the skin was meant to be worn as an Asian-looking skin. This skin is *definitely* a stunner.

  1. i agree with vaki, the skin is great on you. wished it had a hair base with that hair. but i guess nobody does purple hairbases yet :))

    awsome wild look, harper, the expressive portrait is fantastic!!

    about hart´s skins though, i find: not good enough yet, and much too expensive.

    • Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to comment on the hairbases: 99 Elephants does colored hairbases. They don’t have a purple yet, but Emilie Carter might if asked.

  2. ty for the nice picture :)

    @Music Hyun : is funny u judge my skin without have try … the last skin u tried was in 2009 the July the 3d generation skin, now i’m on 5th generation and is good for me a feedback even if is not good but from someone that have tried almost the demo.

    Price? well 10 makeups for 1440 is expensive for you? with cleavage option, 2 hairbase styles + hair attachment and bald option is expensive? what is the right price? for what i knowm but i’m not a good shopper this price is aligned to the market… but i accept suggestions.


  3. @ hart – you are right, i should have tried them before writing this, and i apologize. the new generations shows LOTS of progress, and your pricing is really up to date. sorry again about that!

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