The Eyes Have It

The eyes are the window to the soul. ~ English Proverb

For a while now I have been wearing eyes that I mysteriously tell people were a gift given to me. My eyes, up until now, have not been for sale on the grid, though a select few people have them. I am very lucky to be one of them. What was once my unique privilege will now be available to everyone.  Ikon Innovia, a professional graphic artist, has been developing these eyes for quite a while and is finally releasing his first sets at Fashion for Life.

The Eyes Have It

To say that Ikon has done exhaustive research on this would be an understatement. He reviewed the placement of eyes in SL, reviewed hundreds of photos of RL eyes, reviewed the movement, the shadowing, the shape. He reviewed the eyes on over 30 different shapes, male and female, and set them against dozens of skins. From the development of the irises to the work on the sclera, Ikon has tweaked each part of the eye with his critical exactitude–for months. Each iteration he has presented to me has been more beautiful than the last. He has finally, blessedly, stopped tweaking and put them out for sale.

The Eyes Have It

And what does it mean to have eyes like this? Early in my time in SL, someone gave me the sage advice that well-done eyes make the look—they are the most important accessory–and I have always followed this rule. People rarely *notice* them but they add the humanness and beauty that makes the avatar perfect. I can’t emphasize enough how important eyes really are to giving an avatar soul. Overbright eyes, oversized eyes, washed-out, pale eyes, and flat eyes all ruin an avatar’s look subtly. Once I received Ikon’s eyes, I never wanted to wear another pair. I have always felt my avatar and photos were enhanced by Ikon’s eyes.

The Eyes Have It

Ikon has carefully developed his eyes so they look realistic from all angles—looking up, looking down, looking to the side as well as looking ahead. He has developed saturation levels in the eyes so that you can go from bright color-washed eyes to an intense tone. (He knows my preference is for a darker tone rather than the washed-out or oversaturated eyes I see so many wearing.) He has made them in several iris sizes so they fit your avatar just right.

After months, nay YEARS, of Harper in his IM box nagging him, Ikon is finally off the hook and I can share his wonderful talent with all of you. Please come to his opening at the Fashion for Life and then keep coming back again and again when he opens his store.

The Eyes Have It

Photo 1:

  • Hair: ::DBS::Mona-black by DBS Heart for Bishwear, FFL Store Sponsor on the Irving Penn sim
  • Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Angel- by Nena Janus for League
  • Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue (M) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM, FFL Store Sponsor on the Bourke White sim

Photo 2:

  • Hair:  [e] Melody – Brown 04 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Skin: LaVie Hope  Autumn Glory Normal #5 [H] by Pompeja Rossini for LaVie, FFL Store Sponsor on the Ansel Adams sim
  • Eyes:FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Blue 3 (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM, FFL Store Sponsor on the Bourke White sim

Photo 3:

  • Hair: harper copper by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog
  • Skin: [:T:] Eva / sunkissed / br :: 04 Meadow with [:T:] Eva / sunkissed / lips :: Coral by Tuli Asturias for Tuli
  • Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Green (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM, FFL Store Sponsor on the Bourke White sim

Photo 4:

  • Hair: !VA! Crazy Horse-noir by Tabata Jewell for Vanity Hair, FFL Store Sponsor on the Mapplethorpe sim
  • Skin: LOGO Infinity Divine Skin – Fashion For Life Special Edition by Maximillion Grant for LOGO, VIP Sponsor and FFL Store Sponsor on the Helmut Newton sim
  • Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Rust 3 (M) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM, FFL Store Sponsor on the Bourke White sim

9 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to these beautiful eyes and their creator, Ikon Innovia (just the nicest guy). I must own 1000 pairs of eyes (and that’s just the green ones), but none can hold a candle to these. Eye’m in Love!

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