10 Reasons to Come to Fashion for Life: Reasons 9 and 10

9. Lapointe & Bastchild want you to.

Swear Chinese Coin  2011 RFL mens

OK, so that’s kind of pushing a point but they have done everything they can to induce you to come, including several new pieces for incredibly low prices. (The above men’s also comes for women.)

Swear Rosary  2011 FFL Hope Rosary

This ring comes in silver too. If you were thinking of getting engaged on a budget, this is the way to do it!

Eros 2011 gift trans version gold FFL

morbid green ffl

Enjoy some savings and help the American Cancer Society at the same time. The American Cancer Society helps people in disaster-stricken areas, helping people find care and medication during times of crisis with their already-established network of doctors and caregivers and active Relay for Life groups. Donated money doesn’t sit in ships in docks or accounts waiting for action—it goes to work immediately helping those cancer patients with need.

Donate to the ACS at Fashion for Life, going on NOW through March 22.

Find Lapointe and Bastchild on the Irving Penn sim

10. It’s the right thing to do.

FFL Square 2days

The truth is this: someone in your life, someone you know, will die of cancer. Period.

The chances of someone you know dying of an airplane crash, a civil war, a natural disaster, etc, are much much lower. And since cancer is primarily caused by environmental factors and since cancer is very often preventable, it makes sense to support an organization that targets the causes and prevention of the number two killer in the world—the American Cancer Society.

That is why Fashion for Life exists. It goes beyond being a “fund raiser” to being a community-organized, community-run community event. The emphasis on community is very important because Fashion for Life does not exist solely to make money for ACS; it exists to give tangible proof to cancer survivors and patients IN SL that their fellow residents care. It provides solace for many who have lost loved ones to cancer and provides a community for many who need support, much as the greater SL Relay for Life does. This is what makes it so right.

So if you are considering who you want to throw your support behind, consider throwing it to your friends and loved ones via shopping at Fashion for Life. It’s a great set-up—beautiful sims, great shopping, fund-raising going where you know it will do a lot of good for now and for the future.

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