La Côte d’Azur

The Riviera

[The French Riviera is] a sunny place for shady people. ~ W. Somerset Maugham

The Riviera

Ah, the breeze, the air, the glamour—the French Riviera is where I wish I could go for August. I can only pretend in SL. But it’s not pretend that I am wearing a RL fashion designer’s work when I don this dress from Meiling Couturier. Based on the designs of the real life fashion house, Meiling Inc, the collection in SL is very fashion forward and beautiful. Of course other RL fashion designers have been in SL—most notably Shenlei Flesheart and Nyla Cheeky—but Meiling is from Trinidad and Tobago—a whole different fashion market, and she brings with her the experience for catering to the wealthy clientele that visit the Carribean islands where her boutique is located. (Meiling is also, incidentally, the mentor to one of this season’s Project Runway contestants, Anya Ayoung-Chee, who we find out in the first episode has a great design eye but few skills in sewing. She pulls it off anyway.)

I show the Perla dress, a piece perfectly geared to her clientele with its almost casually open back but tailored classic collar and long flowing skirt. Its elegance reflects its wearer—classic in cut and style, it shows off the tan you may have gotten sunbathing on the yacht with its revealing back. The dip-dyed hem is a perfect accent for the gown, perhaps suggesting a hem wet from strolling in the sand. I absolutely love the elegance and classic styling of this gown—a defiite departure from the fantasy gowns of SL.

My shoes are a couture design from rei2 Aya, and being sold at the new little shopping event called “Collabor88” wherein everything offered is priced at a very steep discount for its quality, proving an opportunity for people to get an exclusive piece of couture at a steal. What should we call these campaigns? Events? Sales? Trunk shows?

The Riviera

I show it with a sunkissed skin from Alexandra Barcelos, one of the offerings for the second Platinum Hunt. I am not always keen on hunts—I don’t think designers are obligated to constantly make content for free for our amusement. The time we spend hunting for their items it is not enough payback for them. However, this hunt was organized to allow the designers to receive a token 10L in exchange for offering an item they might sell for 400L or more. It’s WELL worth the 10L spent for each of the items offered, many more of which I will be showing. The designers participating are some of SL’s best. I am glad this time around now the hunt is also freed from its campaign of “awareness,” which had good intentions but very poor execution. I hope this hunt gets you back in these designers’ stores and seeing their great work and spending a little beyond the 10L.

My hair is a beautiful updo from Elikapeka Tiramisu, who has captured the idea of a cool breeze running through a casually piled updo. My jewelry is from Danielle Astonia and without shadow on, shows without a shine. I wonder what the deal is with shiny things not showing as such when shadow is on? It’s very aggravating.

The Riviera

You’ll find me dining in Saint-Tropez or gambling in Monte Carlo, on the arm of a handsome Italian millionaire ;)

Hair: [e] Away – Red 08 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for [Elikatira]

Skin: Platinum – Filthy Skin by Alexandra Barcelos for Filthy Skin, available on the Platinum Hunt

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Absinthe (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: M – La Perla Gown Boxed by Meiling Couturier for Meiling

Jewelry: *La Forgia Jewels – Mia Set*-Amber by Danielle Astonia for La Forgia

Nails: [MANDALA]Option short Nails set/Basic skin nails by Kikunosuke Eel for [MANDALA]

Shoes: R2 “mana”nude by rei2 Aya for R2, available at COLLABOR88


2 thoughts on “La Côte d’Azur

  1. I humbly admit I had never heard of Meiling Couturier (well, I’m not keeping track on all fashion blogs haha), so after seeing this stunning gown, I just had to pay their shop a visit… and spend some L$ on their amazingly well-done gowns. Definitely recommended for us who favour more classic/elegant types. although I also loved Meiling’s casual/elegant styles — they are very feminine!

    Thanks for reviewing them :)

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