Fashion Flogger

Want to know where I got this title? Read carefully below….

Linden Lab recently announced an event where “Fashion Experts” will be chatting with folks, answering questions, and posing some of their own in the SL Forums. I was chosen to be one of those Fashion Experts (among a pretty august group of bloggers and SL fashion leaders), so it was quite an honor for me. On Monday, September 19, from 9 am slt to 4 pm slt, I will be available to answer questions, bring up topics, and generally have fun. I really hope you can join me.

That being said, the question is where is this event going on and what does it mean? The “event” is taking place in the Fashion Forums for SL, rather than a place in-world, which is a new kind of “event” for SL it seems.

Now, I have to admit I am not a Forums regular.. I simply spend too much time IN world to be on the forums. However there are lots of people who LOVE SL who might be sitting at a desk or in a coffeeshop where they can’t log in to SL but still want to get their fix or might be online when friends aren’t and want to talk to others, and those are the folks using the forums most actively. I am joining in on Monday to see what fun we can make in the Forums.

This is a really brief and wholly incomplete tutorial about how to participate in the Forums (because I am hoping you’ll log in some time on Monday to speak to me and participate).

To get there, either link through here or go to the Second Life community portal and make sure you sign in. If you go to the portal, you will see this. Click on the forum file tab:

Fashion Flogger

Scroll down and click on “Fashion.” That’s where we’ll be.

Fashion Flogger

Look for posts with my name (“Harper Beresford,” in case you forgot). I’ll be posing topics, asking questions, and commenting on other posts.

Fashion Flogger

To read my post, click on the subject (in this case, “Hi everyone!”) and hit reply.

Fashion Flogger

You’ll see the following screen and in there you can post photos, links, emoticons—anything your heart desires. I REALLY hope to see some photos because we want to make this a fashion free-for-all in the forums.

Fashion Flogger

In sum:

Join me, Harper Beresford, Fashion Expert, Monday September 19, from 9 am slt to 4 pm slt, to discuss fashion, fun and life. Bring your photos, links, and let’s burn the Forums up!

P.S. Want to know how I made that spiffy badge on the left? Read this awesome Forum post.

I’ll see you there!

P.P.S. Thank you, Wildcat Furse, Forum Advisor, for your help :))

9 thoughts on “Fashion Flogger

  1. Interesting! I hadn’t realised they were running this event on the forums.

    I have to confess, on first reading of this article I was a little bit offended. Not by anything you wrote, of course. What you wrote is as friendly and helpful as ever – thanks for the link to my ‘awesome’ badge creation thread btw :D

    What I had a bit of an issue with is the fact that, in running this event on the forums, it has an underlying implication that the advice people are already giving in forums is somehow sub-par and that a way to encourage experts to answer questions is therefore needed. That seems a little unfair to me. It’s been my experience that there are lots of friendly. helpful people answering questions accurately on the forums. I would venture to suggest that any question that is asked of you on Monday could be asked at any other time and someone would provide a helpful answer.

    However, on more careful thought, I think it’s a good idea. Having a set time when someone knows they can get helpful answers from someone such as yourself is a good way to get some decent discussions going on the forums with expert views. One of the problems with the forums, in my opinion, has always been that many of the more experienced SL residents don’t use them (an understandable problem – as you rightly point out, most experienced SL users are busy in world!)

    I have to confess that my time on the forums has reduced radically recently for a variety of reasons, not least because I’m preferring to dedicate more of my time elsewhere. I love to offer my help and advice where I’m able, but I was finding myself spending so much time on the forums that I never had time to do anything else (I kinda can’t help but answer a question on the forums If I see one I know the answer to!)

    Perhaps then, this is a sensible and constructive way forward. If LL run forum events like this in the future, it will be a good way for people to contribute and discuss ideas in the knowledge that a particular topic is ‘on the agenda’ rather than having to check the forums all the time to see if there is anything they can contribute to.

    I just hope that it’s not done to the detriment of the great help and advice that people already contribute and it doesn’t breed the assumption that if you want advice you need to wait to ask the experts at one of these ‘events’. Of course, there is always the issue of poor advise and trolling that crops up sometimes. That’s an unavoidable issue of forums in general though.

    Anyway, i’m waffling as usual! :D Hope it all goes well on Monday and I’ll hopefully poke my nose into the fashion forum to see what’s happening too. I’m certainly interested to see if this ‘forum event’ idea proves to be a success.

    • The event was announced on Second Life’s main page blog, as I had linked through.

      I am sorry you feel offended. I certainly didn’t mean to preempt any of the wonderful work that is already done in the Forums by the Advisors (please note I thanked Wildcat Furses, an Advisor who helped ME), and I am not sure that LL is trying to do that either. LL is trying to bring people who read blogs and comment on them back into the Forums, I presume, and also generate more enthusiasm about content in SL (via the title of “Fashion”). Most of my readers probably do NOT use the Forums, hence my brief tutorial. By calling us “Fashion Experts,” it is not a slight at all on your great work in the Forums. It’s simply a title that will explain why we are all over the Forums for four days. This is a beta program and may or may not work.

      I was specifically asked by LL (with several other folks) to promote this endeavor and as with everything I do (and I am sure you do), I am doing it to my best (which means I am putting a fair amount of time into this). I will not be paid for this any more than you are for your work. And I certainly hope people don’t ask me for advice as much as they talk about what THEY like in SL fashion.

      Look at it positively–your name is now going before many people who would not have known your great work (via the link to your post about making a badge). Enjoy the celebrity (cuz I think EVERYONE is going to be making those badges.. Strawberry already did ;))

      • Hi Harper and thanks for the reply :)

        I hope I didn’t come across too arrogant and moaning in my first comment (two characteristics that I dislike a lot!). None of my comments were aimed at you in any way. I think all the stuff you offer up on your blog is great and I think it’s absolutely right that you have been invited to be part of this event.

        It was more an initial reaction to the process itself and, as I say, on more careful thought I do think running forum events like this has the potential to be a great way to encourage collaboration.

        The forums are an interesting beast. They seem to have a habit of swinging between great, helpful, collaborative discussions (spiced with a bit of fun and banter which I’m also all for!) but can then swing to mindless trolling and general drama. If running events like this help to keep things on the right track, then I’m all for it!

        As you say, hopefully it will generate some enthusiasm and get people talking about SL fashion as well as being an opportunity for people to ask questions.

        On a side note – i’m not a big fan of the ranks used on the forums. I have an ‘advisor’ rank, which is very flattering, but I’d rather we didn’t have ranks on the forums at all and people were just left to judge contributions on their merit. I don’t like labels in general though, or celebrity for that matter so I hope I don’t get *too* much celebrity to enjoy! Basically, I’m just a big hippy who wishes we could all share, be equal and have peace and love …. man! :D

        Anyhoo – I’m totally going off on a tangent and it’s all semantics really. The important thing is that hopefully people will embrace this all as an opportunity to chat, help, discuss, debate, collaborate and, most importantly of all, have some fun. Speaking of which … I really need to get back to doing those things myself as I’ve been far too caught up with RL annoyances lately rather than doing what I love in SL!

    • I think LL is trying to do outreach to folks who can’t always be in world but are enthusiastic about the medium. Lots of people read blogs, go on forums like SL Universe, chat in Plurk and on Facebook about SL because they can’t log into SL at the moment but still love it. I think an event in world is just what they DO NOT need to be honest. Their sims can only accommodate up to 80 at a time and do YOU want to see another fashion show? This is a beta thing–thinking outside the box, as it were. I am all for it.

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