Elegance in Chains

Elegance in Chains

The RL married team of Maximillion Grant and Polly Pavlova is truly a wonderful story in SL. The family behind the Logo brand, with Maximillion making skins (and the wonderful Logo Infinity Skins Custom Skin Creator) and Polly creating virtual jewelry, is a testament to the power of two.

Elegance in Chains

The two do not only derive income from their work in SL. Max is a music composer for commercial projects. And Polly creates jewelry pieces similar to those she sells in SL for her brand, Elegance in Chains, which she sells in Etsy.

A few months ago, Polly sent me a bracelet through the mail to share her RL work with me. I was thrilled to receive it, especially since it closely resembled a bracelet and necklace I had in SL made by Polly, which I found astounding when I first saw it. The RL example is equally as astounding. (Yes, I am not a RL fashion blogger… please ignore my rather poor, quickly taken photo.)

Elegance in Chains

If you want to purchase one of Polly’s pieces in world, make sure you find Logo at the Jewelry Fair, which is going on Sept. 16-25 (link through below to the Jewelry Fair website).


Elegance in Chains

If you want to purchase a real piece from Polly, link through on the photo of the  Byzantine Chainmaille Necklace Royal Purple and Stainless Steel.

Elegance in Chains

My look gets a lot of goodness from this beautiful top from Neferia Abel. I love the intense colors, the silhouette and shininess, and the pure joy of it. I wear with cigarette pants from Drinkenstine Sorbet in a neutral navy to let the top pop. My hair is a glorious tumble of waves and curls from Mirja Mills, a new one from her. And my skin is a new one from Marisa Feila, which I will talk more about in another blog.

Elegance in Chains

My shoes are also available at the Jewelry Fair. Made by Michiko Avon, these cute little flats include a hud for resizing and one for changing the colors of individual elements of the shoe.

Elegance in Chains

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * FINYA * /darkbrown by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:.

Skin: [MyDear]Damita Skin– Sunkiss #6 by Marisa Feila for [MyDear] *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Top: -L`Abel-Sivine blue top by Neferia Abel for L’Abel *

Pants: The Sea Hole – Soto Cigarette Pants (w/belt)  Navy by Drinkenstine Sorbet for The Sea Hole

Jewelry: LOGO Byzantine Graduated Necklace Gold and LOGO Byzantine Bracelet Silver L by Polly Pavlova for LOGO, available at the Jewelry Fair *

RL Jewelry: Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet Royal Purple and Stainless Steel by Polly Pavlova for Elegance in Chains on Etsy

Shoes: +M’s Avon+Brown flat shoes by Michiko Avon for +M’s, available at the Jewelry Fair *

Do NOT forget to go to the SL Forums on Monday, September 19, from 9 am to 4 pm, to chat with me about fashion. Let’s burn up the Forums!

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