Your SL Evolution

My SL Evolution--Harper Beresford

I asked a question on the SL Forums the other day about how people had changed over the years in SL, and I got quite a wonderful response. Marianne Little provided a sort of format that allowed people to see her evolution over her time in SL and many people chimed in in like fashion, and it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of amazing avatars out there. (Above was my hastily assembled filmstrip and what’s amazing is I can tell you almost everything I was wearing in almost every photo.. omg…!)

Not only did we get to see the evolution of people’s personal styles, we also got to see how they remained the same in aesthetic and viewpoint as well. Through the photos we got to see the evolution of SL as well, which was a sort of celebration of the progress of technology, content, and population in SL.

Therefore I am challenging you, dear readers, to go to the Flickr group “Your SL Evolution,” and share your progress in SL over the years. I have posted mine there already and look forward to seeing yours!

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