Roast Beef

Roast Beef

OK, I agree, there is something perverse in starting an entry on a fashion blog with the words, “Roast Beef,” but it makes sense to me. First, perhaps I will get cooking blog readers to accidentally click on my blog and become hooked. Second, it’s a provocative title that might make some skinnier fashionistas who haven’t eaten all day (eat something!) to click through. Third, usually while I am waiting for my client to go through its iterations of blinking on and off, waiting for inventory to load, etc, I am doing something in another window—in this case, watching an episode of “Cook’s Country” about making herb-encrusted roast beef and whipped mashed potatoes.

It has nothing and everything to do with fashion. Why? Well, fine cooking is like putting together a great outfit—just like you always put potatoes with roast beef, you always wear sandals with a bikini. The flavors of all the pieces work off each other and also enhance each other. It’s all a sensual pleasure that goes beyond the pure biological needs of clothing or food.

Roast Beef

For this serving, I offer you this beautiful dress by Merivale Ewing. I originally saw this dress on its maker and instantly asked for a landmark, but at the time she was only designing for herself. Probably at the encouragement (read: nagging) of many fans, she finally opened a shop. Consider the gorgeous textures in this piece, the combination of lace with a muted brocade. I do a switch up for you because this piece includes two skirts—the shorter sexier one for showing leg and the long elegant one for more elegant dress-up. A closer look reveals a beautifully done bodice piece with sheer lace and a tight corseted middle. Even a little tie holding the bodice together in back shows that Merivale attends to the details.

Roast Beef

The accompanying dishes are no less important in presentation and taste. I offer this beautiful luminescent skin from Mallory Cowen with its elegant visage and sexy décolletage. My updo is a confection of curls, stray tendrils, and a little hair bow from DBS Heart with lush brown textures. Shoes are ruffled (to echo the ruffled cuffs on the dress) from Felicity Overlord.

And finally, the pièce de résistance: jewelry from Matchbook Monday. Actually, I received this set and saw it would fit perfectly with its exquisite scroll work and beautiful gems, except the stones were green. Then I was reminded that there is a script in the necklace to change the color of the gem. One click to crimson and the dish was complete!

Roast Beef

The girl’s a dish!

Hair: ::DBS::Macey-goldenbrown by DBS Heart for Bishwear

Hair base: booN gathered raised hairbase brown by Boo Nakamura for booN

Skin: LAQ ~ Thea [Peach] 01by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: DRAMA by Merivale Ewing for Merivale

Jewelry: : Amorous : Cathartik by Matchbook Monday for Amorous *

Shoes: *Felicity* Odetta Stilettos – Brown Leopard Ruffled High Heels by Felicity Overlord for Felicity

Finally, a footnote. I never do this but I have to this time. I saw a performance at the Museo del Metaverso this morning that was just gorgeous using avatars and animations. I was mesmerized. While the performance I saw was live, it will be repeated over and over with bots and I encourage you all to see it. Created by Jo Ellsmere, Pyewacket Kazynenko and Kai Streamer, it is a modern dance done in a manner that humans could never do (the avatars actually blend). Brynden Button of DanceMaster made the script that allowed them all to coordinate. I show a few preview photos below. See it at this stage (link right here.)

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