Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Somehow I have gotten my sleep schedule flipped. I used to be a night owl but now I am a morning glory. Instead of staying up til 3 I am waking up at 3 or 4 and then logging on to get my blog done. It’s got everyone around me, used to my late night hours, all topsy turvy, but I am finding I am enjoying the morning hours.

Morning Glory

I grab myself breakfast, some coffee, and sit down to read or watch a little TV and knit. Or I do housework. Or I log on to SL. It’s enjoyable in the early morning hours—some friends are straggling out from late nights or logging on for lunch or wrapping it up in their evening. The other day I did the whole Choice card stamp thing, I sorted some inventory, and rezzed a new house. And I have been able to sort through the sales notices.

Morning Glory

One that caught my eye this morning is that Truth District is having an event where designers are setting out exclusive items at 50% off for group members from Oct. 8-Oct. . Join the group TODAY because they will charge once the sale starts. I admit that I don’t often care to talk about sales or hunts, but I really like the folks at Truth District—great content throughout the sim and great management.

One of the goodies at half off is this cute little pajama set from Drinkenstein Sorbet. It includes the socks, which are much needed in the cooler fall weather. Ravyn Hynes is offering the sofa you see me lounging on for 50% as well. With something like 52 poses in it for men, women, friends, cuddling, etc, and its beautiful textures, I could lounge around in this outfit on this sofa all day, frankly. But I won’t…

Morning Glory

Cuz there are other outfits for sale at Truth District as well. First there is this darling outfit from Anessa Stine. She has seamlessly combined sculpty to system piece to create this cute top over leggings, which is very au courant and very attractive. LeeZu Baxter is also offering an item, this plum halter top with another seamlessly joined sculpty.

Morning Glory

Also on sale are some incredible shoes. I show Nardya Rousselot’s sandals on the left. Nardya has some of the best toes in SL, in my opinion, with a very user-friendly matching hud. She has a number of pieces against the back wall that will be 50% for this sale, so get over there! Gospel Voom is providing these fashionable purple bootie sandals as his sale item. Gospel is one of the leaders in creating great sculpty content in SL.

My skin? Gala Phoenix, who has a place at the Truth District and just came out with a new skin set as I was completing this blog—argh! And she IS offering an exclusive 50% skin which I have not even looked at but I am sure is magnificent.

My hair? From Truth Hawks, of course—one of his newest. Wander over to his store after you have sated yourself on the deals and get a pretty new hair to top it all off ;)

Morning Glory

The punchline: Truth District, Fall Event, 50% off exclusive content at most stores, October 8 to October 10. Join the group TODAY and then get there quickly!

Hair: >TRUTH< Luana – auburn by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: :GP: Sundust Frex [Light] Pout-Brat 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio, not a sale item but for sale in the Truth District *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Absinthe (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Pajamas (with socks): The Sea Hole – Ruffle Pj shorties Set : Angry Paisley’s by Drinkenstein Sorbet for The Sea Hole, available exclusively at the Truth District *

Blue outfit: DCNY_Off Shoulder Dress_Teal/WarmGrey *TRUTH Exclusive* by Anessa Stine for DCNY, , available exclusively at the Truth District *

Purple outfit: [LeeZu!] Nadja Halter Top /plum by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu!, , available exclusively at the Truth District *

Purple Shoes: [Gos] Storm Sandal in Purple Leather [bagged] by Gospel Voom for [Gos], , available exclusively at the Truth District *

Blue Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Edith Sky Blue by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix, , available exclusively at the Truth District *

Sofa: MudHoney Castor Sofa by Ravyn Hynes for MudHoney, available exclusively at the Truth District *

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